Whataya Want From Me - Adam Lambert

The dreadful alarm seems to like to go against my wish to snuggle into my comfort sheets. But this morning, I was exceptionally fine with the quick beats of my alarm. That was because I had to get up early to wash my hair. Not that I hadn't wash my hair for months or whatever but my hair was so stiff and unorganised last night that I promised myself that I'll wash it early in the morning before heading to college for my Psychology class at 8.30am.
Pass :D
It turned out to be quite good as I received a few positive feedbacks about my hair being so unusually straight. I always do whenever people see me after I wash my hair. I hate it when I washed it in the evening and after a night sleep, it was horrible again. I guess it is what William Shakespeare meant when he said,
"Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date"
Not self-praising though :/
Nothing lasts forever in this world, not even the greatest kingdom ever founded in the earliest days. :(


I like the word ' dawn '. Not that it signifies anything important in my life but to me, dawn is like the new beginning of everything, start of a new day. Occasionally, my disturbed sleep pattern will cause me to wake up at the darkest hours in the morning where things are completely pitch black. Take a look at the alarm clock just to find that its still 4 in the morning.
I've tried, staying up all night to study and I find it quite amusing as it was the time where everybody else were warm in bed and indulging themselves with sweet dreams. It sort of gave me the sense of serenity and tranquility despite the tired eyelids which were about to give up opening anytime. I can actually think well as it was pin drop silent although my mind are about to shut down anyway.

So its me, doodling from college while waiting for time to pass. Taa... :)

P.S. : I'm going to donate blood later in the evening. :D
Restless as I sit in front of the blank sheets
Drawing irregular circles in the air as I contemplate
My mind was wondering like a stallion
Everything came flashing past like a fast forwarded slide show

Love, eve.


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