Second Decade of Millennium.

Please Don’t Leave Me - Pink

2009 has passed in the blink of an eye. 2010 indirectly represent the need of us to move on to a new decade, new year, new challenges and hopefully, a new year with more good news than previous!

With much sorrow and regrets, I apologise for not being able to attend 3 of the new year parties I was invited. In fact, I spent my time celebrating the coming of 2010with a group senior citizens and a few primary young boys. It turned out to be greater than I ever thought it would be. At least, may be better than celebrating with friends.

Its no joke that these people I celebrated with really know what ‘FUN’ really is and they are really humorous at the same time too! Had a great time laughing to their jokes.

Honking of party trumpets and blowing of kinder whistles bombarded both ears. It was like attending a child’s birthday party! Some uncle joined in the singing while uncle Paul indulges himself with his playing on the piano. They were singing their lungs out and acted as if they give a damn if their bosses see them. Some of them are the boss in fact. :D And uncle Hong Mun who was practically drunk started some weird dancing routine which made us laugh like hyenas.

When the clock stuck 12 in the morning, for the first time in years, I ignored the fireworks portrayed live from Dataran Merdeka and KLCC. It was way too hyped up there for anyone to sit still with their eyes set on the mere screen of that idiot box. The atmosphere was warm and merry. People exchanging hugs, handshakes, sincere greetings, that is when unity comes. A big celebration will do. Not to mention the bliss!

Anyway, credits to the host, uncle Jak Boon and aunty for their fingerlickinggood food and their warm hospitality. Uncle ‘Santa’ for the coolest gadgets.



Drinking dice. Awesome. :D



Uncle Hong Mun!




Uncle Kim Pore!



Happy New Year!







See? Who says only young people knows fun? :D

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.


Love, eve.


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