Its essential now. Like its part of my routine already.

According to You - Orianthi

First, I am way off my studying schedule. I am slacking, procrastinating, doing whatever I think its not worth doing at the time but I can't help it. Its pulling me off track. Not a good sign. My quizzes, I can't afford to fail them.
You know my Malaysian Studies first quiz? It was a group quiz but Cassandra and I were the only two working our ass off and I was the one who went up to present that whole thing. I was really nervous at that time ( I was never good in public speaking ), the air-con was making me shiverring my socks out but somehow managed to earn my group and myself a whole 1.5 marks out of 4 marks in total. I don't know what or who was the main problem but FYI, my group already scored the highest of all four groups in total. If this thing goes on like that. All our other quizzes and finals are like that, GG dot com. Seriously. No joke


Secondly, what the heck am I thinking right now? I mean its so normal that I get hooked onto something that I love doing but this is definitely not a good thing. I mean I don't even have a clear grasp of my elusive mind so what makes me want to do this more than anything else? What makes me look forward to this moment everyday more than anything else? It's like everything just dimmed down after its over. And I realised ever since it has started, the same wish I would make everytime when I see the clock showing 1.11am . It just did anyway and I was still making the same wish I did few weeks ago! I am losing my mind a little. Maybe I should resume to my studies instead or go to bed and stop acting like I am a vampire for real


I had a dream last night. More like this morning. Recently in one of the Psychology classes, I studied a basic thing about Sleep & Dreams. But when I dreamt yesterday, I wouldn't be sure whether was it a dream or was I imagining it all after it started a little. Maybe it was what I
wanted so badly these days and I was thinking about it almost everyday that I even dreamt about it. I am sure though that it started as a dream but after a little while, it might have turned out to be me who was the one who used my mind to control the outcome of that sweetest yet nostalgic dream or it might still remained a dream. You probably would not understand a word I wrote previously but it is what this should be. Dreams are just part of our desire, they are still what we conceive and presume as and they are still our minds, playing tricks.

By the way, I realized many talked about dreams these few days. Perhaps its Dwayne Johnson coming over as a Dream Fairy this time round? :)

I just need a solution. A simpler way out from this chaos.
It is a secret
And you should keep it as one

Love, eve


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