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Disclaimer : This post is entirely of my random rantings. So if you think I am too old to complain or too lame to post rantings in my blog, move the arrow with your mouse to the top right corner of this page and click on it. Never come back again. If you just love the way I whine like a four year old child, go on! :D

Time is flashing pass real fast. I don't want to try to sound like a philosopher here because I realize there's many other posts of mine which start with time flies, time is flying pass my life, time is whatever crap I mentioned. But if you hadn't realize, I have a feeling that 24 hours a day is definitely not sufficient for the loads of routine and tasks to be completed. It is depressing with the idea of it.

So, from day 1 of college till now day 4, marks the near end of the first week of class in college. Many threw me the same mundane question which sounds like " How was college?" " How do you like college so far? " " When did you start college? " " Which college do you go to? " Albeit the repetition of these questions, I find myself giving the same old reply of " It was okay. " " I go to HELP University College. " " Oh I started this Monday. " Period. Nothing much I can say.

As you know, college requires each own efficiency or you will just drown into the deep blue sea and consequently, wasting your parents money. There is no more tolerance on how you can pay up your outstanding fees after the dateline like how we used to back in high school ( although the good girl I am don't ). Or there is no more how the lecturers want you to pass up tutorials work or assignments. It is in your hands to decide your performance in college.

Another thing that I realized was college is not as easy as you think it may be. There is no fixed time for lunch break, school hour or whatsoever. So if you have classes which goes on and on without any breaks in between, too bad for you have to pull yourself up and stay awake for the classes or just SCREW IT! Not only you are going to miss out the things the lecturer teaches that day, the lecturer is going to have bad impression on you if you skip classes or trying to doze off in the mids of class. Not good.

Not to kill some joy but college has its fun part. Its just that sadly, I have not undergone them yet. I believe I will though, soon, very soon. I am lucky enough for getting the credits of not getting any assignments for this first week in college, except for some group activities to be planned out but hey! Its group work so it wouldn't be too stressful for me to handle.

Say if I am so long-winded or just simply love to whine over teeny problems I faced but finding textbooks is definitely causing me a big head. Not to say you can't buy the original or the new ones so you wouldn't need to worry so much but the books goes above RM50 each if you don't know and you are just going to use them for the most four great months then you can bid your books goodbye. So it is definitely a bad idea to go for the original ones.

Yeah. Ranting goes on and on without an end to it. So bear with it while it lasts. TQ. :D

P.S. : I really hope there will be a stop to human trafficking and child prostitution. It is against human principles. To all out there, stop this evil deed if you still have a true heart. Give these people a chance to have a taste of real life and freedom.


Love, eve.


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