The air of urgency.

Invisible - Clay Aiken

In more ways than not, I should be panicking by now. Today I was sitting at the comfy sofa being a couch potato with the remote control in my hands. Unconsciously, I was switching the channels constantly by pressing on the little buttons with my thumb, occasionally frustrated when advertisements filled the screen for every channel. :)
The screen blackened for split seconds then 8TV popped out at the screen. The news reporter shocked me by saying, " Chinese New Year is just two weeks away." DARN! :/
That means quizzes are next week and who knows if any lecturers plan to put some quiz this week? ohhemmgee
Seems like Mr. Marzuki really looking forward for my presentation on Thursday but Heck! I'm not ready yet! I'm still scrambling around with my reaction paper, my slides, my speech et cetera. I was wondering if I can tell him that I am not ready to present my things but if he insisted on me doing it for saying something like " Its okay, give your best shot. I like people who are spontaneous. " or so, I am then really a dead meat. I just hope he can give me more time. Time is all I need for now. And he should understand that patience is a virtue :(


Breaking Dawn. Yi Xuan, I am so sorry to tell you but that book is still left there after few weeks of hiatus. I just don't have to time nor the mood to continue since that book is so incredibly thick. I guess I'm gonna have to continue during the Chinese New Year since then I hope there's no quiz coming up after the week long holiday.


OOH! And for SASA, there will be a barbecue party on the 6th of February, 6pm till 10pm at Rivercity Condominium. Pretty excited and thrilled. To me, barbecue is always one of a kind activity since I was many times intoxicated by my past barbecue experiences.
Barbecue just makes me wanna smile more :D

Love, eve


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