Life After You - Christ Daughtry

I got over it! :)
Not for the fear of doing public speaking but for other more worthy things.
CNY is really drawing close. Not that I don't look forward to it any bit at all ( HEY! CNY rocks to the MAX! ), but there's more things to worry about. Quizzes, PRESENTATION! Oh gawsh. I am
dying slowly underneath the piles. Someone pull me out.
Owh! I can get Daniel to do that! He's a real pro at cheering me out with his nonsense. :D

Tuesday is a kinda hectic day for me. Back-to-back classes but the lecturers are always being good people by letting us out the minute they finish their lecture. Sooo good. Owh, especially my tutor, Kevin. He's really really young okay? And cool at the same time. The first time he stepped into the classroom, he introduced himself.
" Hi, is this the PY101 class?? My name is Kevin..."
Everybody literally paused and the noisy class was soon in pin drop silence. We were interested with who this guy is and what is his motif in our class. Could he possibly be one of the students? Why is he introducing himself?
Questions bombarded our minds and soon, the questions were answered. He is our Psychology Tutor. :/
Anyway, my main point wasn't that. He came in today and saw that many still didn't turn up, then he told us to continue talking while waiting for others and he's gonna be outside for a brief drink in his office. As usual, we stoned and looked at him blankly. So he coached us by doing the hand gestures and " GO ON! " then of he went.
Well, he never failed to make us wonder his real age as he still, acts like a teenager himself.


SASA 2010 is really an active badge. They have this Chinese New Year Celebration on the 4th of February and is seeking help from 30 SASA members. I would love to help out but unfortunately, my current situation forbids. I would definitely turn up for the barbecue party on Saturday though. So be prepared for ME! Although I doubt I would be at all outstanding in SASA like how May does. :)
Some just have the nature of standing out in no matter what they attempts. Don't they?

I may not be the best in what I do, but I may be one of the unsung heroes.
Owh, and congratulations to Beyonce and Taylor Swift for the winnings in the Grammy's. Two thumbs up! * shoots confetti * Taa~

Love, eve


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