After Tomorrow...

Live Like We're Dying - Kris Allen

Sometimes, I just can't figure out what's in my mind. Nor what I am doing at this phase of my life.
My friends still gaming, which I think its utter waste of time and that's why I stopped since Form 3. I have been doing God knows what ever since SPM ended and college started. I'm like so screwed up in my life and prolly can't even find time to meet up with friends nor reading the story book Yi Xuan borrowed me early of this year
Hmm. Is all ADP students that busy? Many say they enjoyed ADP and this program ROCKS but to me its like I'm drowning in it. Totally lost in direction. Maybe what I need at the moment is time. Time to adapt. Time to change.
I desperately need a break. Like at least a week break from these chaotic situations or I would just simply die in frustration and fatigues... Fortunately, Chinese New Year came in the right time. I always thought this is bad. Only a few weeks after school started that we have another long week break, then it goes on and on till sem break in April after finals. But suddenly, I felt all things are in the right place, right time. I really got to blend in. Really :/
Presentation's tomorrow. Stats quiz is later in the afternoon. And my first club meeting ( Child Development Psychology Club ) is at noon. Freshman English 1 class has been cancelled. The film is rolling. I have to keep on working till time's out. Fingers crossed.


I don't demand. I prompt. That's what I do. You don't get it, you lose out.

Chris Allen came to Malaysia. Silently and left gracefully. He don't do much of the advertising and promoting his tour here. What makes me curious was that why did he even chose to come to Malaysia? I mean like David Archuletta. Its like of all the country why Malaysia? Not like I am discriminating our country or looking down at Malaysia but it just got me wondering, has he been to many countries already and at last decided to come here to have a look? Or maybe he just wanna visit Malaysia and have his concert at the same time. Hmm... If we get lucky, might meet him in Penang Hawker Center instead. Or maybe at the beach in Pulau Tioman. :D
Argh. I am crapping again. Sorry.

So that's all for now! Taa~

Today's preparation determines tomorrow's achievements.

Love, eve


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