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The Ox year has passed. A break from the usual mundane routine to usher a new year is pertinent. And therefore, I attempted things I don't usually do for Chinese New Year.

Back to Malacca for reunion dinner with my paternal grandmother and stayed till the 2nd day of CNY was what my family and I did for the past years, except for a few exceptional ones. Heading back to Paloh, Johor, mother's hometown was vital too! According to the typical traditional way of celebrating CNY. :D
This year is awesomely different from the other new years. No more the usual lion dance seek around the neighbourhood. No more trying to peep over the tall buildings just to have a glimpse of that stunningly beautiful fireworks. No more staying up late on New Years Eve just to watch that Baba light up that firecracker with much self-indulgence.
For the first time since I was born, I had my reunion dinner with my dad's eldest brother whom I call Ah Pek. He is sort of the MIA person and its almost impossible to meet him even during important festivals like Chinese New Year. He and his family were like strangers to us. We never talked, just some vague, uncertain smiles we exchanged occasionally when eyes met. What's worse was that my grandmother had to make an effort to introduce us to him! Like " Owh, this is whose daughter, this is whose eldest daughter" kind of thing.
Tsk Tsk. Picture That!
I have to tell you Ah Pek, you are such a failure and its like its okay if you don't exist in my life cause it feels like you never. Sorry but its so true. :/

On the first day of CNY, I wore my new Chinese traditional blouse and the skirt Yuka got for me. The outfit I crave for and obviously love it to the core. :)
For the whole day since 9 o'clock in the morning till prolly 9.30 at night, I have been wearing it and loving every moment of it on me. It was just what I like as it is :P
Imagine a girl who doesn't like soft drinks what more alcoholic drinks drink tequila+sprite "POP". That was what I ended up doing on the first night of CNY. It tasted horrible, awful but just for the sake of pleasing those who "forced" me to take it, I did. I got to tell you, I drank two cups of it but those didn't get me all worked up and drunk. I didn't feel dizzy or whatsoever. No feeling. My mum says I got potential. Drinking alcohol. Proven as my sister drank four cups and she was already blushing and her limbs were almost bright red. So I guess I really can take alcohol. :D
Tried red wine too! It tasted awful too. But its okay for me. Didn't take any effect as I had only like a quarter of the glass. The 'lady's red wine' is better tasting for me though and I kinda like it. :)


Second Day... I drove the car under the supervision and instructions of my beloved godfather who was once a car instructor himself. You are the best!
I drove almost 20km down the road to Kluang and practiced some of the basic turning, threepointturn, U-turn kinda thing. Using an Automatic car though. :D
But godfather said I was cool. Was in control of the car albeit a first-timer and its almost unnecessary to hold the steering while I drove. Mum was scowling and being a pessimist of me being soo good as my godfather says I was. Believe it or not, an ex-instructor said I was good! But maybe he was saying cause I am his goddaughter. Hmm...
Owh! An afternoon with Chong Seng, my Paloh friend and his friend was okay... They gamble, I don't. They karaoke Chinese songs, I don't. So I ended up sitting aside listening but I'm cool with that situation. What I love most was still the bike ride. Sitting at the back of the bike and held Chong Seng's shoulder while he rode the bike, feeling the breeze, the awkward vibration of the bike under my ass, the random chats during the ride were plain bliss! It totally brought back the memories where I would sit at the front of the bike when I was young while my elder cousin brother would ride me around and even into the oil palm estate. Thank you loads, Chong Seng. You really are a great dude, cool friend. Can we do it again next time? :P
I mean it though. Miss ya heaps!
An ugly side of CNY. What the heck is wrong with the water supply in Paloh? That's right. There was no water supply to Paloh for like five days and I don't know if there is now since I am back in KL already, the place with plenty of water supply. But yeah! It almost felt like desert back there.
Hot. Waterless.
Cold at night. Still waterless.
Only in the morning ( 1am ) on the 16th February, the water tank came by to distribute water.
Owh... Now I know how painful and inconvenient it was without water supply. I actually bathe only once a day, plus, using the well water of other's house. The well water in my grandfather's house was not that clean. Cool eh?
I guess my skin is not quite used to this kind of well water but suites perfectly for the chlorine treated water I get at home, little tiny pale red dots started to pop out of the surface of my skin. Its okay anyway. They are not even itchy or anything, just a wee bit... ugly. :/


Third Day... I had to head home earlier than scheduled because of the stupid water shortage. I haven't been back to Paloh for almost two years and this time I haven't even had enough of Paloh and because of this dumb situation, I had to go HOME no matter what. Frankly speaking, journey to Paloh wasn't any bit easy at all for people with motion sickness like myself. I couldn't force myself to sleep through the whole curvy journey as I can't miss any of the suddendropofroadsurface which totally make me feel like peeing. HAHA! But those were the things which amuse me since I was a little girl and still do now. :)
You can't feel that on the roller coaster ride. Sorry


So this year, more visiting than ever. Which indirectly means, more ang pows than ever! But that was not the real point of it. CNY is actually a brilliant and ingenious way of bonding relationship between people. Imagine there is no specific day of get together between family and friends. Everybody would be busy with work and studies and when can we actually spend time for each other? Hmm... More thinking to do. It is important for us to appreciate our relationship with family and friends while it last. PeACe OuT!

Its getting late already. Its almost two o'clock in the morning, Thursday. Time to get some sleep before anything. Owh. Chong Seng online now. Haha... I guess I should catch up with him before going to bed. :D Till then. Taa~

Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle.

Love, eve


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