Dance With My Father Again - Luther Vandross

In the crowd, my heart was still contained in a chest.
Lonely, alienated.
Need not say when I was alone, even in the comfort sheets,
I would be talking to my own shadow.
Crazy, pathetic, like a psychopath.

I was unwanted in the picture, like the minute dust in the air.
I guess the portrait would be perfect,
And they would be better of and contended,
Without the extra one, the black sheep of the pack.

My heart aches to the extend,
That it felt like it was crushed into millions of pieces,
Each so small that no bacteria would notice it,
So insignificant that it would be just unnecessary
To put them back to one again,
As it would just be frivolous, just like looking for a way out in the desert.

Life worth so much more, than small scars like this.
But when damages are done,
It would not be surprising, when people choose the wrong course of action,
Which turns out to be right for them,
When things are beyond our control,

I realised the word spam cannot afford to lose the letter "A". Otherwise it will bring sorrow and stress to Malaysian students at the thought of it.

Life is such an exhausting process. It is all about making the right decisions and pulling yourself up when you stumble upon uneven path.

I am certainly not a dreamer
But I do love fairy tale endings
Love, eve


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