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Chinese New Year this year has been awesome. Hectic, but with whole loads of fun. Plans and events just kept on showering upon me and crashing at my feet that I don't think my one week break from college is at all enough. Well, I could not contain my excitement any longer! Here goes. :)

Okay. Remember that two open houses I mentioned? Well, the afternoon's at Mr. Ow's home wasn't anything special but what caught my heart was those decorations! Those things he got at home were piling up and almost make walking freely impossible what more skipping around? But those things are really chinesey and that made his house looked very much like a museum. :)







The open house in the evening was the opposite from the afternoon's. It was a blast! With Janice, Julie, Jash and my new found friend, Ian! Wow... We chatted, played Mafia, exchanged songs using bluetooth. Okay. So I was going to say that the house itself was so extravagant with the Balinese architecture and furniture plus the stones and accessories imported from Thailand and of course Bali itself and some even from Cambodia. The open air concept wasn't that good though, turned out to be a little too stuffy and warm inside making the air conditioners as if not functioning at all. The firecracker was epic failure. Not only it has to be lit three times, the end of that also can't be burned. :(


















Sunday was great notwithstanding the house chores I did in the morning with every other family members except for my brother who is currently suffering from the extreme coldness and exam tension. Evening is when the fun began. Dad drove us all down to Kota Kemuning to join Uncle Lizard and his younger brother for dinner and Bai Tian Gong at midnight. Lit up quite a few "rockets" and also two boxes of small fireworks plus one extra big firework. Was magnificent since I am kind of a fireworks fan! But sorry to say, the fireworks were not as good as the ones I saw back in Paloh. Owh. I didn't talk about it yet. Well, it shoots up too high up into the pitch black sky, explodes and spreads out and down way too low, giving me that kind of endoftheworld feeling. But I like those. Can't get enough of them. :)
I have never seen so many firecrackers lit up consecutively. Never. So after those two uncles' ritual ceremony, vegetarian at one side and non-vegetarian on the other ended, four firecrackers were lit and eventually broke the tranquility of the night. From far, fireworks echoes could be heard, making the whole situation really like KL is in the middle of a war zone.
At 1.00am. Things were not quite ended yet. We chatted while waiting for aunty's mum to dissect the grilled pig. After filling our hungry stomachs with those sumptuous and scrumptious pork, we headed for home at 2.00am. Gosh! Just so you know, my class starts at 8.00am in the morning.

Pain is such an uncomfortable feeling that even a tiny amount of it is enough to ruin every enjoyment.

Love, eve


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