Today was a Fairytale.

I Dreamed a Dream - Susan Boyle

Hmm... I don't get why Taylor Swift's songs all made it to the Billboard Top 100 even though they are just normal with only simple rhythm.
I personally think her songs are nice. Pleasant. Dreamy. Surreal. Disney.
She is somehow my inspiration. Her songs, although seemed utter impossible and definitely not applicable in real life situations, but the happilyeverafter endings somehow give us a ray of hope in the midst of disillusionment of innocent children. As Adam Sandler said in the movie Bedtime Stories, there are no happy endings in real life. And as I grew up and learnt more things, I was most frequently let down by this place of ultimate reality, cruelty. A world without miracles.
Disney cartoons are false portrayer of life. Enchanted, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast.Ohmygosh. :/
But they really do work for young children. They should actually change that U status of these kinda of movies into a newly created K status which is strictly for CHILDREN BELOW 12 ONLY!

Being emotional is not my style. But yeah. I do have feelings too. I am still a human at least. Despite the late night thing going on which makes me half vampire already. All right. A rare fact of me. I actually like the taste of blood. Sometimes when I have wounds in my mouth like ulcer or bleeding gums cause by that stupid wire gauze braces slash retainer of mine, I actually suck blood out of them and taste it. Its so rare and authentic the taste of it. nyomnyomnyom! :)

I actually realised something really childish. You see in MSN, when your status is green instead of the red which means you are busy, you are actually telling your friends that you are AVAILABLE! :D
Don't quite get it? Hmm... which means you are not in any relationship and its okay for people to go for you. :) Ultimate cuteness! *squeals*


Ever since I have gotten back my Psychology quiz marks, I have been contemplating. What has gone wrong? It seems like the answers I was confident of didn't turn out to be right. I got like a miserable 14/40. Oh gosh! I must really think again whether I should study Psychology. Cassandra told me that she saw my Stats marks. Might be full marks. So maybe I should do maths instead. Since its what I like and enjoy doing huh? :P
Chinese New Year is still fresh to me. Its so awesome this year. So indescribable. Saturday is going to be busy. Absolutely. Got two open houses to go to. My dad's colleague's in the afternoon and my dad's ex-classmate's in the evening. I'll definitely bring the camera along. Pictures Pictures! :)


Owh! I didn't tell about my house's plan has changed! Yes and yay! After soo many years. New lights have been added making my living room a total romantic kinda atmosphere. Loving it to the core. Sneek peeks. :D





You will stop living if you stop believing.


The way you walked towards me was as if you were completing my incomplete circle. You led me to the dance floor and did that Argentine dance routine which i fitted in perfectly albeit never attempted. We were so flawless together like Prince Charming and his princess in a fairytale castle of a far far away kingdom. P.S. I love you.

Love, eve


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