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If I Ain't Got You - Alicia Keys

Today, turned out no one did their presentation. Reason was that Mr. Marzuki changed his mind by switching many other's topics except for a few of us ( fortunately ) like myself, Hiran, Imani,Loh and Derick?? I've got more to worry about now especially for my Quizzes coming up next week. :(
Owh, I think I am so bossy. Mumbling about my quizzes all the time! Bear with me
Afternoon, I was at KPD Block E level 3 waiting for Mr. Marzuki when I looked to the dimly lit stairway and saw Andrew. Didn't expect to see him there but I still waved and went to talk to him. The awkward thing was that he opened his arms wide waiting for me to fall in between.Weird. But that was not the worst thing. My Malaysian Studies lecturer, Ms. Su was watching. Gosh! She must be thinking something... :(
I've never hugged a guy in my life except for my brother and my dad. Disorientated.


After reading Daniel's blog, I realised I didn't update you guys about my piano! Geez! How can I forget such important thing? * bangs head *
But yeah, if you don't know about this already, my parents bought me a new Yamaha exam grade piano last year before my trials. We aimed for the Grand initially cause the price then in the piano fair was quite reasonable. Unfortunately, my home didn't have a place for it to sit. Well, I will in years to come, after I get my own house. YAY!
Yeah, and my old Challen piano was sold, to a family. That piano was actually more than 10
years old but still in great condition. Even the buyer were incredibly satisfied with the current condition of the piano and said it was really very well kept.
It really got a whole loads of sweet & bitter memories as it accompanied me till my diploma, as well as my sister's and till my brother's Grade 8. But due to our higher piano education level, that piano was definitely not suitable for us anymore. In fact, it never was since I was doing my Grade 5 at year 2003. I don't, however think I will be missing the piano based on the feel of playing it. You know, its just too hard for me to control the expression using that as it really felt like I was playing a keyboard instead. Light keys and stuff...
Tough :/
Yeah, so I am being a little nostalgic yet contradicting now...

Just a small thing. Well its actually quite an amazing thing - This February actually have 4 Mondays, 4 Tuesdays, 4 Wednesdays, 4 Thursdays, 4 Fridays, 4 Saturdays and 4 Sundays.
This extraordinary phenomenon only happens once in every 11 years.
Embrace it yo!

Can I stop and stare? Because the scenery is breath-taking here.

I had the sweetest dream
And the best thing was that you were in it

Love, eve


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