Egypt 2009.

Hate That I Love You – Rihanna ft Ne-Yo

The Roman Amphitheatre was definitely one of the greatest destination. It was believed to be one of the places where ancient people used to gather to study like what we modern people called school. There were many big squares which act like classrooms. The structures were so unique and beautiful in a way that I thought it would be great if my classrooms were like that. :D

:Love the curve structure. So mysterious in a way like the dungeons in movies. :D

The papyrus museum was not one of the itinerary but since the time left will be waiting at the train station so might as well do something to make time pass. The person who explained the process of making papyrus paper was not funny but his face has this ability to entertain us. :D

The Tree of Life. Those facing the east ( right ) represents the beginning of life. Anticlockwise, from infant, child, adolescence, adult, old age. The one facing west ( left ) represents the end of life. It has something to do with sunrise and sunset.

The pyramids were visible from the papyrus museum.


One wink from you is enough to keep me thinking about it all day.

Love, eve


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