yey!!!! i got my birthday present......although its a bit early this year....

my dolly doll.... cute?

Surprisingly , i got my birthday present earlier than i expect...yes!
This year , i go a present from my beloved friend , Shuning , guess what i got? Haahaha , its something like to decorate your finger nails . I really like that present although its a small present , but it mean a lot , you know?
I also get a drawing from Xinwei . She gave me the drawing as my birthday present .

Other than that , i got a CD Player from my auntie . Yes!!! I finally own a CD player i longed for , although now everybody wants mp3 , mp4 , handphone , some more the newest play station 3 , but its ok for me , as long as its a present , i'll accept .

So how is everyone's holiday? Mine is extremely boring , can't wait for december , can't wait for the trip . Ahhhhh , can't even wait for school reopen !!! What ?! PMR ?! No way!!! Hahaha , i think i'd better enjoy the holidays , so next year can work harder for PMR exemination .


JeremyLee said...
Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Omedeto gozaimasu. Means congratulations because u got birthday present...haha fingernails

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