December .... finally you are coming!!!

After such a long wait , finally , December is coming....
Hey!!! China , i'm coming.... Singapore , i'm coming .... birthday , i'm going to celebrate....Christmas.....wwweeeee.......all my wonderful presents......New Year.....i can't wait .....
After all , i'm overwhelmed with the coming of December , because thata when i'm really going to enjoy my entire school holiday .

So , what have you guys planned to do this holiday? Don't forget to tell me during school reopen, ok?

Well , i get to know that yuen hee is going to move to a new house somewhere in the middle of December . I just hope that new house is a better , quieter , more peaceful ad more confortable place to stay in .

Ok , i think i don't have muc things to write about like the other people . If i am not wrong , think the next blog of mine is after i came back from holidays . For those people that really feel boring during holidays , maybe you can try this website - http://www.miniclips.com
There are hundreds over interestng games you can play from and its free .

So i guess i see you guys around .


JeremyLee said...
Tuesday, November 28, 2006

holidays are fun if u get to go out.. but for me leh that cant go out... is ...... so damn f*c*ing damn boring!!

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