Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

Yesterday was a great day. Why? Its another shopping session with my parents. Well, my sister had to be a stay-at-home-bunny as her exam is too near from now. Star Hill Gallery and Pavillion. First, we dropped by to explore watches. Expensive ones. For those who have no idea what are the expensive watches other than Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega etc. There are far more expensive brands. Just take a walk around Star Hill Gallery. :D
So, I have been wanting a new pair of heels and preferably, a nice black pump. Something like this...
After some time spent strolling round the mall, I saw this at the Aldo shop. Well, that guy over there got me my size and guess what? My right foot fits perfectly while my left was smaller than the pumps by a size. I had doubts about the sizing of the heels and requested for another pair. It turned out to be the same. Epic. Now, what a devastating discovery I made today. My left foot is smaller than my right by a size. So if I were to buy that pair of pumps and wear it, I might have to stuff tissue paper in front. Great... I am retarded. Spotted another similar pair at Nine West too, but the price was more expensive. Anyway, the one at Aldo cost a lot too - RM273 after discount. Forget about it...
I came home and measured my feet. It is the same! What the heck? So maybe that guy didn't actually get a new pair, instead, put the ones I tried back into the box in the store and dig them out again in front of me. Wow. Thanks dude. Great service.


Oh gosh. What a lousy update. An indulging one. Bear with me. Its not going to happen again. I hope? :/

Today, I made the acquaintance of a lady from Ireland. I spent well over an hour asking her ridiculous questions to which I already knew the answer just to hear her accent. MLIA
( I guess that I might do the same to anyone from a different country ) *chuckles*

I trust anybody too much all these while
That's why I get hurt all the time
But when I stopped trusting
You taught me how to trust again

Love, eve


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