Funny as it seems;

Gypsy - Shakira

Am I partially blind? Or a hundred percent blind?
The truth is, I always smile with no valid reason even by just looking at your silhouette.


Hellooo! These days, I have been reading many of my friends' blogs. Just then, I realized that I myself have not been entering my blog very often, hence explains the procrastination in blogging and updating myself about my friends. Dropped by at Sarah's blog and noticed that she has already posted something about our outing to Sunway Pyramid. Well, my bad. I am a lazy girl
In the morning, after my driving lesson, I went home and took a shower. I am no ordinary girl. Preparing myself to look presentable will not take more than half an hour of my time including shower. Dressed in my little pink see through kimono-like top and my pair of denim Levi's, I left home skipping in my Adidas sneakers when Sarah's Matrix parked in front of my stainless steel gate. Journey there was rather laid back while we chatted and I caught up a little with Gilbert. There were occasions when we left Hiran behind the topic while speaking in Mandarin, which I felt rather bad about.
We strolled around the mall aimlessly while Sarah filled us in with how she is going to meet her boyfriend soon, leaving us alone down at the skating rink. Unconsciously, we were actually heading to the skating rink itself and stopped to watch some professionals practicing down there. Glancing pass my shoulders, Sarah was busy text messaging Wayne, her boyfriend while Gilbert was indulging himself with heaps of "what if-s" and many impossible ideas of him getting back at Wayne. I was sorry to say that Wayne, was not the ideal guy I would want to be with if he goes on with his attitude. He was shy, reluctant. I think I'll stop here.
So then, I went skating with both the guys. Frankly speaking, they were struggling, especially Hiran. It was epic, seeing his gawky figure constantly trying to find a balance, I couldn't help but to smirk when I'm on my own on the other side of the rink. Gilbert in the meanwhile, I would say, was way better than Hiran. He actually was trying really hard to skate properly and eventually was able to keep up with me. It was my first time too, although my performance on the ice was way better than I thought it would be. I watched with much envy when the others glide gracefully and effortless pass me. I scrutinized their gestures and movements, just to realize that the way I was going on with skating wasn't entirely right. Oh well, I don't expect much from my first time. Not a perfectionist. :D

Hung out at Secret Recipe. Shared two pieces of cake with Gilbert. It was funny how we were trying to figure out ways to divide the cake into equal pieces. That pisses Gilbert off a little but I DON'T share food with anyone sorry. We had a blast chatting and Hiran acted weirdly like an outcast. More like he is outcasting himself. Maybe he's just experiencing another of the guy version of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome ( PMS )
Sarah is back! We went for a movie after that - A Nightmare on Elm Street. Freddy is coming for you~ That didn't bother me. I had a good night sleep, totally unaffected by the movie. It was a nice one though. (: Got to compliment on that. Had Sakae Sushi after that. It was a happy outing overall. :D
Kinda lazy to write any longer. :/

Party dresses just make me miss childhood even more.

Love, eve


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