Already Gone.

Wedding Dress - TaeYang

Hey was the first word, the starting point
It all began from there, story of once upon a time
Random as it may seemed to be, yet
All amounted to a tacit confession
Never erased from the space of the memory

I never thought things would progress at such pace

Giving me a hard time to keep up with the current
I never realized that 1.11am no longer plays a role
Vivid memories linger with things getting better in time
Every day is a new day to look forward to with you

Unfortunately, things don't last just as flowers wilt
Pretty and beauty soon taken over by pettiness

Over you may seemed to be impossible, but
Never underestimate the strength that I can possess

Yesterday would just be the past which exists
Only in the memories which stay
Ultimately suppressed from affecting the future to come

Goodbye and good luck for now you need it
Opposite of you is where I stand, with the
Oval shaped balloon replacing the heart shaped ones
Dripping from the sky, the rain is falling
Beams of light broke free from the layers of thick grey clouds
Yearning for brighter days ahead without you
Easing moments without the used-to-be-obvious-obstacle, YOU

I'm sorry if my complicated life is inconvenient to your perfect existence.

Love at first sight
Over at the last glimpse



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