Letter to Juliet.

Secrets – One Republic

How can I possibly put them into words?

My feelings, my emotions

I've tried umpteen times but to no avail

Those that I written on the pieces of scraps

Felt so shallow and inconsequential to me

The black ink stains which combine to form words

The sentences which do no reflect my inner soul

Felt to me like they too were merely doing their job as independent individuals

Where have they been gone?

Their true self with feelings and soul

Instead of being trapped in their solitary confinement

She has changed to be heartless

By the countless times of let down

Crushed hopes, shattered memories

All turned out to be not just a nightmare

Those which were thought to be illusion

Were no longer hidden implicitly

But surged out as a blast like in a 3D movie

It seems that she knew right from the beginning

From the moments that dragged on

That she would end up in broken pieces

It is something that she needs right at the moment

Love is all that could do

To replace the heartbreaks and tears

Love as mighty as it may sound

Will bring light to her dark path

And cast a warm loyal shadow

To accompany her through the damned alley of dark

So that she is no longer alone

As now, the letters in the sentences join to form bonds

Unbreakable bonds

That was how a letter of confession was written

Just like the letter to Juliet from Romeo

The letter of love

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.

It all seemed so surreal, for once

But when I turned my back away from you

Everything felt like pieces of precious ornaments

Thrown and shattered on the impact with contact with the ground

Love, evelyn


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