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Can I Have This Dance (High School Musical)

( End of March, beginning of April...)

These few weeks have been downright hectic. You know that to me, I make a point to work extremely hard so that when the weekend is finally here, I get the bliss, the unlimited satisfaction of getting two days of break. Sleeping late at night has been the normal routine for me, seeing that I am more of a nocturnal person. Nonetheless, waking up late in the weekends also reflects on my unhealthy habit. with all the assignments piling up, events held at HELP, making great opportunities for the SASA-rians to burn their way-too-much internship hours, attending utterly boring and nerve-wrecking prolonged talk in the driving school, going for Ching Ming, attending morning classes as what have been going on for the past 3 months et cetera. All these miscellaneous things have been keeping me from getting enough hours of sleep during the weekends. I feel like I am gradually dying from the lack of sleep, seriously deprived from too many hours of sleep.

( Beginning of April...)

For this week, the story continues with more things coming along. Owh, and THANK YOU the world to Mr. Zheng Hong, that I get to know about the JPA interview or I am so going to miss it and have to endure long endless lecture from my parents. Thank you for saving me. So now I owe you a lunch? (: So my interview was on Friday. Nervous no? I heard I have to speak some Bahasa Malaysia. Practiced like nobody's business. I admit I haven't been speaking much of BM ever since forever. In college, the only time I speak BM is when the cleaner lady opens the door and ask " Ada kelas tak? " And I will reply " Tak lah. Pukul ... " Period. :/
So the interview was not quite good. Well, it couldn't be better when you have to face those sadistic interviewer who were so critical about every single thing you said. It was nothing fun at all. But the good thing was that I met up with my primary schoolmate, Keefe Chan Jun Hwang. His confidence and brilliant smile were building up mine too! Thank you so much. He had been so cheerful, friendly and optimistic about everything that when we couldn't actually find out station, he was still chilling and smiling all the way. YOU ARE THE BEST! Well, I guess as a debater himself, he has to learn to smile through all the difficult and nerve-wrecking situations. (: Besides, a few other surprises I got was that I saw Xin hui at the parking lot, Keefe was in the same room as I was, along with Hazim, my secondary schoolmate. Oh... At least I was not the only one. Thank you!

( The whole of April...)

Whole loads of assignments to rush, quizzes... as usual. Even I am sick and tired of all these repetitive rantings. It seems like its never-ending but its all the same. Oh my God! How mundane and pathetic my blog can be? Anyway, preparation for my finals was bad. I stayed up late every night to study, and most of the time, till around 4 or 5 in the morning. I really work, study and is definitely more productive at night. YES!

( Last week of April...)

Finals. Finals. Finals. Hearing the word itself makes me sick. That same nausea feeling I experience every time I am nervous or anxious. Yeah. What was worse was that the exam time table hates me to the core. I have five subjects to tackle. Two of them were crammed on the first day of exam. The remaining three were on the last day of exam. How good life can be? Credits to the exam admin board. Thank you for making my life so much more miserable than anyone else's. Despite the stress, I definitely have my breakaway moments, where I would drown myself in the excitement of Naruto manga ( how addictive it can be! ). But of course, those are actions taken to deal with my emotional distress and to reduce the effects of stressor. Oh. I am going to babble about those psychology theories again. Seriously, Psychology is definitely making an impact in every one of my Psychology classmates. We prone to relate every single thing to any psychology theories that we have learnt. Sigmund Freud, Bandura... Those people. Sometimes, I feel like puking listening to those theories we speak of even after the exam. Perhaps a break, mate? (:

( Now...)

Exam is officially over, ushering the 3 weeks of holidays. Oh yeah. Life is incredibly awesome now. Notwithstanding the great ideas of holiday, I had to pull myself out from bed EARLYY in the morning almost everyday for my driving lessons. This sucks for people who adores sleeping like ME!! So yeah. It is just the beginning. There's more to come, but there won't be any more time lines. I just loathe time lines. No idea why am I doing it right now in this post. Sorry! *apologetic gestures* :)

Additional column : ( I just couldn't find a suitable place to fit in this. Sorry for the weird, awkward corner here... ) I lost weight. 2 kg. I guess it is because my appetite has been deteriorating these days. I don't even feel like eating. Not like I have some anorexic nervosa or bulimia whatever but I feel like if I were to force some food down into my stomach, I'm afraid that I am going to vomit them all back out. Yeah. This is something bad. Oh noes...

It takes immense hard work and courage to free a soul.

Toodles! Signing out at 3.10am...
Love, evelyn


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