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I haven't been blogging frequently like how I did last month and the previous month. Well, I have concrete reason for this slack attitude. Mainly was because I have lost the momentum for blogging. But the passion remains though. :) So at least the spirit which is the most important thing in doing something hasn't been gone. Just so you know, I am quite busy with stuffs too. Therefore making this post hibernate as draft for too long, forever perhaps? :/
Last Thursday was my English second round of presentation. Well, since I was already prepared, I was the first to go out. Surprisingly, only Loh and I were prepared for it. The others... got scolding. Mr. Marzuki was way too pissed. He went on and on and even said the 'i' word. Well, I didn't expect that. What surprises me more is that he actually smokes. Well, I guess nothing can be perfect in this world and my impression towards him dropped a little inevitably. Sarah said she smell tobacco occasionally when he enters the class but all I could smell was that stinky sweat odor which evokes high school PJK memories every time he enters the class panting, gasping for air. Those days~ (:


Sunday was the trip to Sg. Tengi specially organized for the Malaysian Studies project. Its 30% yo! To be frank, I believe we could actually produce a much quality and cheap trip to somewhere else nearer like prolly the cultural centre in Kuala Lumpur. It is much more rich regardless of information, demonstration or whatsoever compared to what we have seen back there in Sg. Tengi. Sorry to say that but my group leader sort of insisted on that trip that she used the same old reason of having a successful trip when she followed that high school trip few years ago. No doubt she put lots of effort in getting the date, place booked and everything else well organized, but the price is a pain. Seriously. Even though all the group members had to come up with RM100 per person and even with the money participants, which is way too hard to gather had to pay - RM85, no way that the sky high cost could be completely covered. I guess its too bad for us that we have to pay for another Godknowshowmuch money to cover back the cost. Don't you think that it is a little foolish for us to have to pay so much just for the marks which even we can't guarantee that it will go any higher also? Sometimes being ambitious may be a good thing where the goals set will set us to strive harder and keep us motivated throughout but being too ambitious also in the meanwhile, not really a good sign. Well, I guess when you set to do something, it is impossible that you can please everyone with that decision you made as what gay celebrity, Adam Lambert said. So, the weather there was scorching hot, sun burning right through our skin, on the verge of tearing them apart. On the way home however, heavy rain poured down, moistening the bitumen road while everyone in the bus doze off into deep sleep, allowing the air-conditioner in the bus to cool down our previously sweaty bodies. It was not till late evening when we finally were back to HELP. Dislike the phenomenon we saw at the palm oil factory where clouds of smog gush out the oversize chimney and also the part where their sprayed dirty oil on us. Well, having deer poops stuck underneath my shoe is inevitable where this led me to brushing and cleaning right after reaching home in the rain. Unseen dirt and grease made my body felt sticky and greasy plus the amount of dried sweat released. I was filthy. Practically bathed twice as I not only took twice the amount of time I used to when I bathe, but also do the bath routine twice for everything. So, I should be sparkling all the way by the end of the night eh? By the way, thank you so much, Chong De for giving up time and money to support this trip! Much appreciated. (:


Ms. Kalpana, my computer lecturer has gone back to India, leaving us behind with two other new lecturer which we have met one of them on Monday. She was rather less boring and faster in pace when teaching compared to our former lecturer, which is a good thing still. (: No idea how our lecturer for tutorial will be but will soon disclose on Thursday itself after the many upcoming presentations by everyone else. Keep the fingers crossed!
Psychology group assignment's due date is this Friday. Yet, my group is still procrastinating while everyone is busy with the many quizzes and other assignments. As Mr. Marzuki said, we have to learn to prioritize, turned out to be quite true. Well, it had to since he is almost half a century old already. No offence but seriously. He has to be somehow wiser and more accurate in things he says. Ain't that right? :D Stats quiz is on this Wednesday and I am not ready yet. Can't really grasp the idea so I guess today is going to be a long long day. Dread it and can't wait. Mixed feelings. -.-

Sometimes when I say “I’m okay”, I want someone to look me in the eyes, hug me tight, and say, “I know you’re not.”

Quit telling me that you love me
Because I already know that you do

Toodles~ (:
Love, eve


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