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I don't want to put so much burden on myself. I believe will collapse one day if I continue to do so. Seriously. Its like I have to learn to relax and cope with things at the same time, making sure I keep up with the pace which I realised I am slowly drifting off and left behind. I am struggling too! Striving to finish up things before due dates. Thinking everything will be fine is sheer self-deception, because nothing comes easy. I don't want everything to be on hiatus and eventually affects my grades. This is my ordeal where I yearn to get out of it as soon as I get the chance to.
We are all in the same boat. So why can't I do it when others can? There must be a reason behind it and I have to dig the truth out before it is too late to cry over spilled milk. Good luck to us all
Just had Psych Quiz today. And mid-term for Psych coming up on Tuesday. Presentation on Thursday, SPM results on the same day. GG DOT COM! More studying, more preparation, more anxiousness, more fidgeting, LESS sleep. My eye bags are droopy. I look like a total nut case. My EN101 lecturer said I looked like I just came out from an asylum. Nice job man. Cause I think I really look that bad. Weekend is crucial for me. I should consider getting more than 12 hours sleep for both the days. :(


I feel like I am drifting apart from everybody. Its like everyone is so busy with their own stuffs especially me, busy like a bee and cant' even find time for each other. Hang out or something. Chilling. Watch movies at the cinema. Catching up with each other. Go shopping together. Times in high school seriously made an impact on me. Now, everybody has grown up, living their own life and prolly some getting married in few years time if luck goes in their way. Everything is happening too fast that I could not believe that I am going to be 18 at the end of this year. How does that sound? Scary or what? *chuckles* :)
So, I release my stress by watching Facebook videos, as Daniel says. Its really funny, for those that I posted in my profile. Really some great break of all the hectic moments which I loath much. :D
I wrote " You may talk to me! " in my personal message and two person gave response to that. Andrew came first with " I am talking to you now. " while the more interesting one came from Hoc Leong, whom I did not expect a conversation from him any bit at all. So here goes. @.-

HoC LeoNg.xD says:Lol May i talk to you?XD

Pei NinG says:yes you may.please proceed.;D

HoC LeoNg.xD says:Lol i would like to order a single burger of filet o fish

Pei NinG says:okay. anything else??drinks? ice cream?

HoC LeoNg.xD says:oh im on diet

Pei NinG says:oh sure...

HoC LeoNg.xD says:do you all serve diet coke?hahah

Pei NinG says:what about a diet coke?of course

HoC LeoNg.xD says:oh sure a cup of large diet coke then

Pei NinG says:okay. right away!*shouts in distance*one fillet burger
and a large diet coke*thud*here you go sir.its RM 8 in total hahah

HoC LeoNg.xD says:LOL oh wo shi zhong guo ren, do ni men accept ren min bi?hahaha

Pei NinG says:yes! wo men are in china now.of course accept ren min bi, what a dumb question

HoC LeoNg.xD says:oh fei chang hao fei chang hao

Pei NinG says:wei you haven't pay la.

HoC LeoNg.xD says:what a long way to say hi to you, oh*hand over money*..........*waiting for change*

Pei NinG says:what change?? how much did you pay?...

HoC LeoNg.xD says:oh, sry my bad i should ask do you all receive cheque?lolll

Pei NinG says:* kicks you out of the restaurant * GET OUT!

***THE END***(I mean the starting of normal conversation)XD

Credits to Hoc Leong who posted this on Facebook also and I just simply copied it from there. There are some flaws which doesn't make any sense at all if you realised but this is really cheeky and totally sparked up the night and helped a little with my migraine. Thanks dude! :)

Life sucks. Seriously. Its like God playing tricks on us. But we have to face it no matter what. So why don't face it with a positive mind?

Love, eve


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