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Facebook says it all. It really does all the time. News over there spread like bush fire. Worse than bush fire in fact. :/
So few days before the release of SPM result, everybody was already changing their status to something related to SPM. Even in MSN. And that really freaks me out cause I wasn't panicky at all. Its weird. Not like I did for UPSR or PMR but hey!! This is SPM. Its a total different story. Anyway, I had more in mind. I had assignments, presentations, project et cetera. ADP is a program which can be way cooler than any other program but when it comes to passing up stuffs or anything, it may be one of the program which stresses you out the most. But overall, ADP is one of the program where people had spent their time meaningfully there. It is like a family where everyone knows each other because of its small size of group.
Anyway, I realised I wasn't even nervous or whatsoever over this day - 11th March 2010. The only reason I changed my status in Facebook to as if I was actually feeling the nerves creeping up on me was merely because I felt the need to do so as part of the routine and also partially peer pressure since everybody was doing the same. I feel like I have to conform with others on the whole feelingnervousthing. Moreover, I had a good night sleep the night before the day and even dreamt of something irrelevant but happy. It was either I was over confident or college's stuffs are really getting on my nerves and practically shifted my attention from that day
Due to the presentation in the afternoon I was supposed to do, I dressed up abnormally formal. Upon arriving in school, I realised people were staring at me with the look which I interpreted as where-on-earth-does-she-think-she-is-going?? With my mum's formal shoes but it totally fits my feet size, I really looked like I was Hilary Clinton campaigning for the presidency of America few years ago. Nevertheless, the presentation plan was burned as Mr. Marzuki totally forgotten that we were supposed to present that day and prepared something else for us instead. Well, nobody had the guts to stand up front and tell him till class was going to end in approximately 15 minutes when he brought up the presentation topic that we confessed. What was worse was that he even praised me for the way I dressed cause it makes me look more "confident" in a way and suggested me wearing that sort of outfit more often. Derrick Chiang, who was planning on presenting on the same day as I was going to, too, dressed up quite formally with collared shirt and a pair of black pants just for the presentation. What I have in mind is that I think Mr. Marzuki thought that we have to dress up formally to school to get our SPM results. :( But anyway, it is for sure that I am going to present this week. *fingers crossed*
Aiites! Back to the topic. So we were hanging around, catching up with each other which I didn't do much because they all seemed to enjoy standing near the concrete building which conducts heat and burning even standing in the shades under it. I much prefer standing under big shady trees, more natural and environmental friendly in a way. After prolly five till ten minutes, the heat was rising up to burn my brains and I gave up. Dragging along Shu Ning and Yi Xuan, we went to look for Pn. Chin in her air-conditioned office. How kind of her for letting and inviting us to stay there in her office and chat with us while we cool our body down to a much normal temperature. :) Aww... I really missed attending her class while she crack jokes that are really cold where they makes you think whether to laugh or not. :D After a while, she sort of shooed us back to the hall to check on our results but in the end suggested texting other teacher to find out whether has the results been released. How sweet! :)
Everybody was crowding around the area where my former form teacher, Pn. Azlina was sitting with the piles of papers, peeping. Well, I had to squeeze into the line as I had to leave early for my sister, who was having class at 1.00pm. Great! :| Well, since the guys are tall enough, and Jo Keat is tall enough, he helped me by telling me how well I scored. Well, of course I could not bring myself to trust completely in case he saw it wrongly and lead me to practically having the fallflatfromsky kind of stupid situation, I prefer to believe partially of it. Seeing those who were lining up in front of me flash those brilliant smiles when they turn their body around to face the crowd, that was when my nerves started to build up within me, attacking every inch of my vulnerable serenity. Well, turns out that my result is better than what I expected while I shoot up to be one of the top students in our school as far as I am concern. :) Thumbs up for me! Looking forward to the Hari Penyampaian Akedemic! If I can make it...


So while I am up at 4.35am typing this post, I am actually speaking to Monsieur Hiran who keeps me laughing all night with his stupid, naive yet entertaining questions... Here are some of the highlights ( Vampire Chronicles - him ; Vampire Kingdom - me ):

As you see, my MSN personal message says : stupidthunder. ihateyou! And here is how it begins

--->:[-Vampire Chronicles-:[ says: hay...mind if i ask u smthing? whom u were hating? in ur status? before. bf?

。❤。 •Vampire Kingdom • 。❤。* says: it was the thunder damn it.. you didn't read it properly.. its still there now.. it says - stupidthunder. ihateyou! -.-

:[-Vampire Chronicles-:[ says: stupidthunder???? whos that?? lol

* 。❤。 •Vampire Kingdom • 。❤。* says: stupidthunder is not a person... instead, IT IS THUNDER AKA the sudden loud noise which comes from the sky especially during a storm, WHICH I DESCRIBE AS STUPID!!!

:[-Vampire Chronicles-:[ says: so its like u r simply blaming the rain.. correct??

Another hilarious one :

:[-Vampire Chronicles-:[ says: wish i could read ur blog

* 。❤。 •Vampire Kingdom • 。❤。* says: why not?

:[-Vampire Chronicles-:[ says: but how? u dont need account? like in fb?

* 。❤。 •Vampire Kingdom • 。❤。* says: another naive question... its like any other webpage where you can browse as you like unless the owner privatise it! OMG!! OMG MAN HIRAN!

So, its 4.44am now. I am going to post this and go to bed. I am not totally immortal just like him, I have human blood in me too. If you don't get this, you probably do not have enough knowledge about the vampire world. I suggest Twilight saga for you. Its very romanticy though. But it gives you the rough idea on vampires. :)

I am not a quitter. I will fight until I drop. It is just a matter of having some faith in the fact that as long as you are able to draw breath in the universe, you have a chance
- Cicely Tyson

Love, eve


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