Fly to the moon.

Thank You For The Music - ABBA

Whether it was flying to the moon or flying towards the moon, the feeling was indescribable. I can assure you that I was in awe. The moon was as captivating and as mesmerizing as the beauty of the legendary portrait of Mona Lisa. The anticipation eventually brings hope, as I stared hypnotically at the mysterious satellite. As it slowly disappeared from sight as the plane changed its course, my attention was drawn slowly towards the fading reflection of the moonlight on the strong aluminium wing. The impeccable masterpiece of God was worth the time for admiration, just like the creation of mankind by Michelangelo, the flawless piece of much appreciated and examined work of art that was buried deep down in the amazing structure of the sistine's chapel in the Vatican City. I could never imagined myself being drowned in such peaceful state of mind, as if i have reached a new state of enlightenment of life, a step closer to achieving nirvana maybe. It was a good drown however. If i ever want to kill myself, this should be it, just like the man, who was so in love with the beautiful scenery of the bay at Naples that he was willing to give up everything he owns just to have a good death there. It was a good death. Indeed.

Bringing back the dead to life,


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