What's it like having a period?

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How is it like many will wonder. Especially males and yettoreachpuberty females. Well, this is an interesting question. Let me break it down for you if you care.

Disclaimer : This information is entirely based on accumulation of complains I receive from other female counterparts which may or may not apply to my own or to the general population so do not worry too much about it or if you care, leave this page immediately if you do not feel comfortable with this topic.
The 'I's in the below context not necessary refer to me, the first party.
The 'you's in the below context not necessary refer to you as well so don't be so paranoid or self-conscious.

First, you start getting cramps, on the first day of period especially. Not like the kind of bad normal cramps. It's 'HOLY **** SHOOT ME IN THE HEAD I WANT TO CURL UP IN A BALL AND DIE I HATE MY LIFE' cramps. You also get back pains. Or even feel weak in both your legs. It's not the worst, but it's just extremely uncomfortable and not fun to sleep with.

Blood also pours out of your vagina. And I'm not exaggerating when I say pour. Stand up, Niagara Falls coming out of a hole in your body. Cough, Niagara Falls. Sneeze, Niagara Falls. You also have to deal with the paranoia everyone will see because it soaked through your pants. To avoid this from happening, you either have to wear a diaper-type thing or shove something up your vagina and leave it there for hours. It doesn't feel good either. You still get the paranoia that comes along with it as well. Best advice for a girl having her menstruation: no bright colored pants or skirt especially white.

On top of it all, you're somehow angry, horny, depressed, hungry and in extreme pain all at the same time. And when you're on your period, it's the anger that you want to stab someone. Horny, Horny. You want to either die or eat everything in sight. And we have to do this for a week straight, once every month. Do the math, we have 12 out of the 52 weeks in a year... suffering -__-
(though my period seldom really cause much of a problem actually so I don't really understand how bad period can be)

So... Is that a good enough explanation?
Face it that's a life of a girl.

Hoping this doesn't offend anybody, I sign off with much pride.



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