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King of Anything – Sara Bareilles

There are moments where I am not entirely sure if I am doing the right thing. I guess it would be better to have at least the thinnest barrier to mark a territory which I name – Safety

Last Saturday was the random barbecue party at Justin’s place. Out of the blue, it was planned during a lunch break at the underground cafeteria of Wisma E&C last Monday. A Facebook event page was then created at night. Random much huh?

Went to Justin’s place after our Biology replacement class in the morning which lasted till 11.30am. Stopped by Giant to grab some stuffs. Began setting up around half past four. :)

Night started off with some finger foods like the deliciously made garlic bread while waiting for the arrival of others and most importantly, the meats. :D
Well, I can’t tell you exactly how delicious that garlic bread was but I am certain that approximately six of us finished the whole tray of it. Of course, we left another tray for the rest. *:)
Look at the happy faces… :D
I have no idea how to write this post so I shall just end it with some pictures after doodling a little more. So James was being James, enjoying himself at the barbecue pit while Sarah, Lynn at the other pit. Amanda and Michelle were hanging around that pit waiting to grab bites after foods were ready being them food-craving selves.mini-IMG_0757
At one point, the marshmellows were brought out and many of us crowded around the pit. Love how the marshmellow will flow out and melt in your mouth after you bite deep into the crispy outer layer. *squeals* :D
Soon after, the card plus drinking game began with people getting drunk within split seconds; somebody like Woon Kheng. Some were just tipsy after a few shots.
That table was the most happening and noisy compared to the rest of the compound. After the game, Mayuri was sober, dancing and prancing around along with the beat of the music in her hyped up state; Phil was drunk and felt the necessity to convince the rest of us that he was not drunk just tipsy slash sober; Cassandra was very drunk till she knocked out a few times with some really crazy laughter in between each subconscious and unconscious state.
It is amazing how just Tiger beers, a bottle of Whisky, a bottle of lousy red wine and half a bottle of Tequila can create such madhouse. pffttt…
Cassandra was laughing hysterically, whining and puking so much that some of us freaked out a little. Lots of running around fetching Chinese tea for drunk people and clearing up the after party.
Waited till Cassandra’s heroic brother to come in his distorted “black horse” - proton wira to get the drunk princess before we all headed home about one in the morning.

Sad for me, suffered migraine for the night and the rest of the next day. Pain was excruciating that it affects the acuity of my senses. :(

It is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
PeiNing & YeeJin


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