Quote of the Day: A fair reputation is a plant, delicate in its nature and by no means rapid in its growth. It will not shoot up in a night like the gourd of the prophet, but like that gourd, it may perish in a night. - Jeremy Taylor

Countless of sleepless nights left me a breathing skeleton. Been trying to stay up late at night to study for Human Personality but to no avail. Sleeping on the black couch in my living room for two consecutive nights. Gentle spin of the ceiling fan instead of the air-conditioned room. Everything, just for one trivial reason - studying for Human Personality. :(
You know, I must me nuts from the moment I made up my mind to major in Psychology. I must be crazy.
Midterm was extraordinarily tough. I realized, all the cramming and stress I picked up when studying, all for nothing. The questions turned out to be majority application of theories and critical thinking.
I died. Bet some of my coursemates died too. We died.
I just want to get good grades so that my credits are transferable! :(

I am in desperate need to get more sleep. Bad news is, the rapids ain't over yet. I still have Biology quiz on Monday and Philosophy quiz on Thursday. Not a week to look forward to.
Nevertheless, I can't wait for the barbecue party at Justin's place on Saturday notwithstanding the Biology replacement class in the morning on that day itself. Sigh...

Btw, congratulations to all the rescuers for their pouring efforts to save the trapped miners in Chile. This inevitably marks the rebirth of 33 previously despaired lives. This is more than mere miracles. Gives me chills at the sight of how everyone rejoice when those miners stepped out from the capsule to reunite with their loved ones. Gives me goosebumps at the sight of how happy tears streaked down faces of the spectators. This incident is definitely a historical one. One in a million, it is.
Also, this is one of the top searched news in Google. I'm looking at a webpage where people in the whole wide world are constantly updating their twitter on this rescuing of Chilean miners. Just so you know, updates are still swarming in like crazy.

Last night, my boyfriend and I attended another school's football game.
His best friend was talking about how hot the girls were and how perfect they were.
My boyfriend brushed off the comment and whispered in my ear, "You're the most beautiful girl here and I love you."


mixed feelings;


ken said...
Thursday, October 14, 2010

sweet words from your bf =)

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