just as our heartbeats, your breaths synchronize with mine;

Bad Day - Daniel Powter

As a complete contradiction to the song currently in my playlist, today was more than great. Ironic isn't it?

The day started with really heavy downpour. Chilly wind and gloomy sky. Weather like this makes me emotional yet weather like this is just perfect for cuddling with the warm sheets on that superbly comfortable bed. Bliss.
Biology lab today was a kill joy unfortunately. Reason being that I have to leave that place I can't get enough of to college for lab. :'(
Nevertheless, today's lab was a little different and fun mainly because it was flexible and we get to walk around the area to hunt for monocotyledon and dicotyledon plants (flowers and leaves). Back to the lab to examine the leaves under the light microscope. Saw some pretty cool leave patterns. Rather enlightening

Pizza Hut for lunch with Justin at Damansara Jaya delivery branch. Didn't have the set meal for two so we resolved something else. Got my hands on that new pizza with six different kinds of cheeses. Very satisfying (only applies to people who use hands to eat pizza instead of forks and knives). *:)

Remember where I talked about the Hennessy Artistry event on the previous post? (scroll down if you wish to confirm that you're blind)
Yeap so the post by Justin is up! Click Here

Hmm... something about snuggling up is unfathomably satisfying and addictive ♥
Aite I'm zoning out as I work on this post. Lots of long pauses in between each sentence just so you know. So weird.
Oh I love this song --> Beautiful Disaster by Kelly Clarkson
Plus, I'm so in love with the lyrics of Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Girls, don't it just makes your heart flutter? Cause it does to mine :)
Happy Halloween Earthings!

&because there will be no reasons left for me to hate you whenever I stare at your beautiful face.

Till then lovely,


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