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Quote of the day : Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all. - Sam Ewing


Something i don't always do, i'm doing it right now. Surprisingly. Blogging in the morning.
But, unlike the normal days too, i am very much energetic and hyped up albeit the mere four hours of sleep. I realized, the more sleep i get, the more tired i become (not in the long run though).
Yesterday night, I was feeling utterly frustrated and easily agitated by little things. As i was working on the assignment, myriad thoughts flashed past my mind, whether relevant or not.
Woot! Very tempted to write a piece of emotional, heartfelt and depressing post but the consequences are rather obvious and severe. Loved ones getting worried, anxious questions asked and perhaps some judgemental glances - oh this girl is having her pre-menstrual syndrome again, and she said it doesn't exist in her dictionary. pffttt...
Anyway, was working on Human Personality assignment the whole night till 6 in the morning. Though not quite efficient, as in the progress of it was very very slow, but i managed to finish my part. Just tell me how to be fast when there are just so many sources out there that you can refer to, all you aren't sure whether reliable or not, yet you have no other choices but to refer to them, and the frustrating citations you have to include when you have no idea on how to do it even. It is very frustrating you know...
Nevertheless, being in the mood saved it all. Fortunately, I had a thing going on in me, some sort of drive that says yes to staying up late to complete the assignment, something that kept me motivated the whole night. Of course, my playlist was being very helpful keeping my eyelids from closing down and also keeping my brain from shutting down on me. *:)
Guh I finally gotten back my Human Personality midterm marks and I felt like plunging down from the 9th floor I was at when I checked it. My heart sank the moment I saw my results. I think this is probably my worst result ever. EVER. I'm just so worried about my grades now.
Ish... There's just so many things out there to complete, yet so little time. Now I have two new wishes to be added to my wishlist whenever the clock strikes 11.11 or 1.11:

- I wish I can actually smile or grin every time I get back my results.
- I wish God gives me 48 hours a day to complete my things. I don't mind 48 hours days on normal occasions too! cause I will get to spend more more more time with you, stare stare stare at you. I know I know this is a very ridiculous and childish wish. but everyone has the right to wish for what they want, regardless whether their wishes come true or not.

I'm sorry for the lousy rants here cause I'm pretty sure 80% of the people reading this don't give a damn about what's going through my mind and how imbecile a kid i am being.
No, more like I doubt anyone will actually waste 3 minutes of their precious time reading the craps i wrote.
As for people who blogwalks: *clicks on my link, reads the first few sentences, sees where this post is leading to, 'oh another bitch rant', closes page* Ah so predictable...



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