Thanksgiving = Food = Good *:)

Shed A Tear - RyanHiga & friends

I didn't come up with this equation. It was Kyian, the emcee for the night, who did. Very random and a hundred percent true! Everyone cheered to that. *:)

It was staying back for approximately 4 hours after class and counselling session for this party. I would say all I anticipated was the food. They promised us turkey from Victoria Station and a very scrumptious meal in the name of a Thanksgiving party! That should, or must be able to satiate my cravings for delicious food.
Kudos to American Eagle club, which was kind enough to take up the job of organizing this event. And also, they were also 'kind' enough to leave us salivating for godknowshowlong with the nicely planned agenda by implementing loads of suspense in it.
Oh and while I was watching the performances, it hit me that I am actually in a Thanksgiving party and not other else. Of the seven performances that they had that night, four of them are Indian performances. I'm not being racist, but what has Indian dances got to do with Thanksgiving? Though I especially enjoy the performance by the lecturers. hawt!
Another performance was by an African dude who self-proclaimed as an adopted son? of Jabbawockeez, the kick-ass awesome dance crew. Well, he's definitely got some cool moves over there, but his style? Way out of a Jabbawockeez's.
Besides, Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars is definitely overplayed, overrated, overdosed. Yeah the lyrics are pretty flattering and the whole world seems to be so addicted to this song. Darn! Anymore of it and i am sure going to puke. Like, SERIOUSLY! guhhh...

Finally, they let us attack the food and before Kyian gets to finish his sentence, i'm up from my sit, galloping my way to the food section. Well, I heard Cassandra saying, "wtf Evelyn?" Sorry pal, that's me :D
The food was indeed delicious. Except that they served it with some rather queer and weird tasting drink and rootbeer-taste-alike corns.
After dinner was the lucky draw plus a few more performances and the utterly hilarious broken telephone game. Never laughed so hard in my entire life till my abdomen and diaphragm hurts hell and i felt like i'm dying laughing. Its that bad. No joke.
So after that, we went to Bangsar for a drink at one of the mamaks before heading home.

 I'm a happy kid :)



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