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Dear Journal,
Mood: Rejuvenated, Hopeful
Weather: Gloomy
Song: Footprints in the Sand by Leona Lewis

And so they say, when you plan something, it doesn't always work out. So yesterday, I planned to blog as soon as I get home after dinner. Who knows. Headache since I reached college and it had gotten the best of me by dinner time. I was practically zombified by the time I showered and just crashed on my bed and knocked out. Well, kinda. At least I had some really nice dream with a pretty awkward and weird ending but that was besides the point.


Oh damn I woke up to this extremely bad migraine. I thought if I try to fall back into sleep, the pain will eventually fade away as I fall into slumber land. I was wrong. The pain was so extreme that I found myself whining in agony. I crawled over my sister and fell on the floor, trying to balance myself in the midst of the excruciating experience. The same thing kept on replaying at the back of my head - I need pills. I need pills. panadol... I NEED PANADOL... yet, all I was capable of doing was to sit there and trying to coordinate my muscles to my limbs. It was incredibly frustrating and I felt so helpless. mroar

I was more than relief when I heard my mum descending that flight of stairs. The rhythm as her sole landed on the wooden planks sounded like orchestra to me. So melodious. Well, at least she can help me find the right medicine I needed and save all the troubles that are gonna cause me if I were to look for it myself.

So I took my Panadol and dragged my footsteps back into my room and once more, collapsed in those warm sheets while my head continued to hurt. Oh, not to mention I teared, involuntarily. :'(
It was about fifteen till half an hour later till the medicine finally took effect and almost immediately, I fell back into deep sleep. Wasn't easy at all.


I woke up, almost like how those possessed people will when they suddenly open their eyes wide when sleeping and spent the next 2 hours with my eyes wide open. However, I was glad that the migraine was then, history and my heart was silent and peace. I grew tired of staying awake on bed in a horizontal position and fell asleep again zzzZZZ

Looking back, unfortunate events are not always negative and passive. At least, it gave me another thing to blog about. Doesn't it?

Today, someone brightened my day by giving me this...

"Hope this brightens your day! Go brighten someone else's!" :) :)



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