Smile - Uncle Kracker

As the title suggests, I am indeed, panic-stricken. ADP Department finally released the time table for our final examination and guess what? I realized its not so far from present as I initially thought it would be. With so many things in hand and so many subjects and chapters to read up on, I don't think I actually have enough time to cover everything. I'm all stressed up right now that I think I have no idea where to begin from. Need not say, my mind is all fogged and blur. I can't think straight because of this sudden attack and stress. I told my friend, Joey. Our parents think that it is really sad that many people in their time don't get to opportunity to get educated. Hold there and think again. We, this new generation, although blessed with unrestricted opportunity to pursue higher education, we get all stressed up as well. Sigh. Isn't it tough just to be a proper human at all?

In the middle of our Research Methodology class, a few students went up to interrupt and began talking about their BPsych Annual Ball. Sounds like its some genuinely cool stuff compared to the one ADP Student Council organized. Plus, they are going to have their warm-up party at Mist Club. How cool's that? They even got the Psychology Department lecturers to perform on that night itself. Price is RM110. I think it is so gonna worth the money if anyone, anyone at all, were to attend it. Gilbert and Hiran were tempted. Amanda and I were speechless.
Sometimes, telling lies and fooling around may not be a bad thing after all. Just like how Gilbert, Amanda, Vanesse and I were fooling around with Hiran about how fun was ADP Annual Ball and the after party. We made up and exaggerated stories which didn't exist at all. Like how I got drunk and had fun with the items in the door gift (Durex condoms and sunscreens). Hiran was skeptical, obviously. It was hilarious, how we actually applied research methods on our conversation, talking about testing, re-test and reliability of our information. Had a good time laughing out loud. Life's great until after class when I got to know about the finals time table. Gah... everything just had to spoil the good moments.
It was pouring too. Managed to hop in my car just in time during the break in between two periods of heavy rain. The drive home was SCARY! Never driven in rainy days and my first time just had to be the worst. I made it home safe and sound anyway. Knocked out on the sofa but it was not for long. Still, it manage to energize and recharge my almost empty body-battery. Guess that explains why I'm still up and blogging :D 

Despite all the chaos going on in my life, something still gives me hope 



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