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Just few days ago I experienced this throbbing migraine which completely burned my left brain into ashes. Excruciating much.
After giving some thoughts, I hypothesized that it could be because of the peak level of stress I experienced the night before. With Human Personality assignment due on the next day, guilt of having one of my friends stay up late to submit our then, incomplete assignment to turnitin.com and the troubles some sissy bastard has been causing.
I think at that time, I felt like I was on the verge of exploding into thousand pieces of smithereens and nobody was there to pick me up and put me back into pieces. I would be then, like a messed up jigsaw puzzle, where people will just drift past me, showing no signs of compassion

Friday and Saturday were two consecutive days with things going on under SASA. Friday was a talk on the psychology of people's management by my beloved lecturer, Dr. Goh. He used to be my lecturer for Social Psychology and since then, I always thought he looks very much like a teddy bear, so cuddly I feel like squishing him. Yeap, its not like I have a crush on this particular lecturer but I think he's quite an eye candy for a lecturer and few of my friends actually agreed with me!
Nevertheless, Dr. Goh is such good lecturer he don't need his super cuddly looks to keep me awake. I even love the way he conducts his lectures and talks. Very professional and interesting.
Showing some signs of envy over here heh... But its true. *shows straight face*
On Saturday itself was the highly anticipated SASA Awards Day. Well, kinda.
Because this is when we give out certificates to our new SASA juniors of 2011 who will then, lead the SASA team besides to the SASA seniors of 2010.
Time to step down folks. We're old already.
Basically, everything went well and I got a scroll with my certificates in it, just like everyone else. So niceeee... but, what am I supposed to do with it? Clueless *shrugs*

Yesterday, I was supposed to wrap up all the ohistillhavelotsoftimetocompletemyassignment feeling and begin to work on the remaining parts of my Western Philosophy assignment. Alas, after having breakfast out at Kayu Nasi Kandar with my aunt, who left to Singapore after breakfast, uncle lizard and wife came over to my place to pick up something and dragged us out to Sunway Pyramid. I thought, oh maybe its a good opportunity for me to just scout for my dress and heels for ball on Friday. So I tagged along.
After lots of strolling around, trying out many dresses and heels, proceeded with looking at some really pretty looking winter trench (they leaving for Scotland on Tuesday), my mind sort of drifted away from the real intention of me being there. I actually felt like ditching ADP ball, ditching assignments, ditching classes, ditching everything pending in my to-do-list to go to some winter country. With them to Scotland would be great :)
Lunch at Fullhouse was a little less than satisfying. I would say the food there is just ordinary. Not worth the price I paid for. Though, I would suggest you try going there on weekdays instead where they have the super deals for set lunch, I think that is worth it. Headed to Coffee Bean for some really nice scones, muffins, cheesecake and of course, ice blended hazelnut coffee. mmm...
I was eventually stuffed in the end :D
Went home empty handed while mum got herself a nice blouse with a really sweet pink tone. I would say I have decided on the dress and heels and reserved it. Gonna go get it on Wednesday cause it would be then, cheaper! *:)
Happy feeling was not short-lived. It even endured past the struggles I went through in completing my Philosophy assignment. I am still a happy child. *smiles smiles*



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