bubble brandy!

As you can see, the title doesn't really make any sense at all. It originates from a random conversation I had with Justin in the beautiful evening during our walk to KPD E. He started telling me how he had a friend, whose dogs' names were Bubble and Brandy (yeah there are two dogs)

I have one thing in my mind right now, and it is bothering me, a great deal - my counseling sessions. So if you don't think you are going to be interested with it, that i'm going to talk about soon in the latter part of this post, you may close this window right now. No hard feelings since i won't know if you did it or not.

Aites. Well, initially, I signed up for these sessions with only one ultimate goal, which is to gain my bonus marks for Human Personality. And then soon after I found out that bonus points given was merely 2 marks. I stunned.
So morning started rather okay. Watched the fighting fish fight in Bio lab. Pretty amusing and scary. Never seen it before. Excuse the jakun speaking.
After that was the most dreaded counselling session with Father Philip. I really have no idea how to go through a counselling session without feeling agitated, frustrated & anxious.
The process goes in a perfect sequence, like this: Before entering the room - anxious; during the session - agitated; after the session - frustrated. Know why? The counselor freaking asks me to find problems in my life to share with him every single session we have together. I mean wth? Yet, the biggest problem is that I don't see that I currently have any major problems in my life! Damn. And he told me that he sees that i am a very bubbly, happy-go-lucky, easygoing and cheerful person.
Doesn't that just justify how I am not facing any major issues in my life because I know exactly how to manage my emotions and problems so that it doesn't affect me as much in my daily life?
Doesn't that just justify how i am not like the other problematic or imbecile clients that he may have counseled?
Doesn't that just mean that i am a very normal and positive person and should be encouraged to continue living the happy life i'm leading right now instead of trying to find a torn in my life which i don't think even exists?
Come on now. Get a grip!
Well, my current progress checklist:

- Counselling session 1
- Counselling session 2
- Counselling session 3
- Counselling session 4

One more session to go babe! And I so darn going to tell him that I really can't think of any problems I currently face in my life besides these counselling sessions. They are increasing my stress level, like, PROMINENTLY! So yeah. Go ahead and feel offended by the idea of it and ask me "why is that so? can you tell me more about it?" in that sort of Mandarin-speaking accent of yours. Bring it on. mroar

You may as well think that i'm a freak...



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