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Had a philosophical conversation with daddy over the dinner table just now, left me deep in contemplation.
One suggestion from daddy that the universe we live in, could probably be one mere atom of a greater being gives me the chills.
Isn't it scary that something's out there even though we are not aware of and that we are not alone in this universe?
Isn't it scary that if one bigger thing has to contain a smaller thing, this universe is a never ending thing as things gets bigger and bigger to contain bigger things to smaller things?
These thinking of the bigger picture simply make our daily problems and rantings very insignificant as we are just living our petty and pathetic life with many complains.
Isn't it good if our minds just remain in stagnation since young? Oh i wish...

Anyway, was reading Amanda's blog when I came across this analogy fun we had a few months back which i didn't have a chance to post it up. I'll just extract it from her blog. Can't really recall the exact thing anyway...
So here goes:

June 3rd

On the way to lunch, someone made a romantic analogy I thought absurd, so I was like 'that doesn't connect, it's as bad as 'you'll be the tree and i'll be the monkey' and somehow the analogy game began.

It started out relatively harmless, like
"You'll be the fish, I'll be the chips"
"You'll be short-sightedness, I'll be the glasses"
"You'll be the spaghetti, I'll be the sauce"
"You'll be the soil, I'll be the earthworm"
"You'll be the leaf, I'll be the toad" (What the?) et cetera <-- i remember saying that
Basically anything complementary that came into mind.
And then everything went downhill from there
"You'll be the poop, I'll be the toilet" (talk about killing the vibe)
"You'll be the ass, I'll be the panties" Eve came up with this. Naughty naughty
"You'll be the ****, I'll be the ******" kk completely censored. Deemed inappropriate for public knowledge. <-- I still remember this. :)

Lol okay i'm taking forever to complete this post. I don't know what else to say. So, till then~

Some stardust to remember you by...



ken said...
Saturday, November 06, 2010

yin and yang? :)

ALBERT said...
Sunday, November 07, 2010

Funny though. Some people will stick to us like glue.

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