break from hiatus.

Hello peeps!

I always seem to be clarifying why I slack in blogging and the so-called legitimate reasons I have don't always vary so I'm just gonna shut up for now. :x

So as the previous post suggested, my blog has finally gotten itself a guest blogger. yay!
I bet some of the dumbest question is lingering in your heads right now so I'm going to try put you out of your miseries. This YeeJin dude is from my college, doing the same course, same major as I am, sorta. He is a really cool person to hang out with and we eventually got closer to each other weeks after we first got to know each other in my second semester - Sociology class.
Need not say, he's a really talented blogger and heck, makes me so envious of him and hence the inclusion of him as being part of my awesome space. *grins* A rather sociable person, he is, though I realized he likes his own private space more. Is that good or what? hahaha...
Anyway, I hope all of you out there will be happy with this new thing in my blog. I'm sorry if you don't but just so you know, I'm not going to kick him out of here any time soon, or perhaps, ever gonna kick him out, so please just bear with it thank you

Life has been going quite well with some pretty weird emotional swings here and there which led to not anger but silly teardrops. Nevertheless, that does not prove that I'm just another weird, paranoid, imbecile kid going through phases because I'm certainly not one of them. Oh and I have the worst dilemma of wanting to laze around, be a potato couch or get my ass of the aforementioned lazy attitude and study for this week's mid-term. I want to make sure my grades are good enough to be transferable. Just like all the other times when exam is nearing, it really sucks to be on the horns of a dilemma. Really.
Oh what am I still doing here. Of all the other times when I can blog, I chose today, now, when I am supposed to be studying! Well, I guess there's always exception to special days like this - 10.10.10!
Know what? I would schedule my post to publish at 10.10pm later at night but that would be so wannabe though I really like special days like today.
Happy 10.10.10, living beings on Earth!

Funny thing is, we were progressing so fast that before I can gather my mixed feelings, we are already happily together right now. :)

Oh heck I really have to stop being so indulgent and start studying. Till then... kthxbai



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