fatigue, is me

I obviously don't have sufficient time to actually finish up my studying and look at the time now! Its already 10 minutes past one and I'm still up, trying to study but to no avail. Guhh... situations like this just makes me feel like cursing at the wind. !@#$%^& to the wind...

I signed in to blogger, with the plan of ranting a little before proceeding to more cramming, just to find Justin blogging. How is that possible? One step ahead of me... grrrr
So here I am, listening to the beautiful harmony of the sniffing :)
While blogging, with my textbook spread out before the laptop.

Research Methodology midterm is less than 12 hours time. Brain dead moment. gg dot com dot my dot org dot gone case bbq wtf omg laser gun piew piew piew...
Heh. Could be longer but I don't want to have people staring at their computers with the wtfifeellikedyingoutoflameness face hung up on their faces. :)
Well, I guess that's about it. Human Personality is on Thursday afternoon.
I still have four chapters to go.
I am studying very slowly. Like a turtle. I'm a toadstool... :(

Back to studying then catch some sleep later. Till then~

Evelyn signing off. Peace out.


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