One Good News.. for me..

Guess what? My hard work is worth it.. After practising piano for so long despite PMR, I passed my Diploma exam!! I'm overwhelmed.. I can't believe i can pass this exam because it kind of hard and a lot of people had failed this exam..

I been learning piano since 4 years old until now.. Been taking Yamaha exam and ABRSM exam but guess what? I never got a Distinction for all the exams except for Grade 8 exam for ABRSM. That i cried with joy.. And now? I passed!!!

I can't really remember but my teacher said that if you passed this Diploma, you will get some kind of title for your name like Dato' kind of title but obviously the title given is not Dato'... So i have got to ask him and confirm with him about this...

So yea.. as long as i am happy its fine..


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