3~2~1~ Happy New Year!!!

On new year eve, i went to a friend's house to a countdown new year party. So it was quite boring at the starting and after that there are games for childrens, small kids and my sister and i were asked to play along and the games are so childish so we sneaked into the kitchen to join my parents.

After that we went to the upper most floor ( there are 2 1/2 floor ) for karaoke. There are two old man holding the mic singing all the way but their voices are hidious. We couldn't stand any more so down we go again. We went back to the living room and we found out that the last game wasn't that childish so we played. To my surprise, i won that game although that game uses mind and very confusing.

So i was the first-runner up for the whole game session as i got a lot of stickers because of the game. I got a mini-version hamper as the price.
The prices i won...


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