when the alarm goes off.

Hallelujah - Jason Castro

Why the calm song but horrifying title you may ask. Whatever happened the night before was really freaky and I definitely need some religious and peaceful song to calm my frightened soul.
It was three o'clock in the morning when I finally surrendered to the great temptation of the beautiful bed. Fell asleep with much ease from what i could recall.
About two hours later, I was woken up from sleep to this faint sound of alarm which went off (it was supposed to be damn loud but it sounded soft when i was in my half-awake phase). I fell asleep almost immediately after someone disabled the alarm. I bet it was less than a minute later when my parents came into my room to check the outside of the window. Apparently, there were sounds of people running across the roof tiles, very loud too! After a while, there were sounds coming from the roof in the house as well. So freaky I tell you!
In the end, the entire family gathered in the living room upstairs whispering about the incident and deciding what to do. We just stoned there and listened hard for any sign of the slightest movement coming from anywhere at all. It was terrible. Sleep was disturbed, plus, the possibility of having someone breaking into the house. Tragic.
I ended up lying down on the bed in the next room with the door open as guard. Daddy slept on the couch in the living room upstairs as well. I was too vigilant to easily fall asleep. Anyways, dawn breaks and I think everything should be back to normal as more alarm clocks in the neighborhood start going off one by one. I ko-ed eventually.

I was actually expecting one of my friends in the morning as he will drop by to collect something from me. Knowing well that I am not a morning person, I told him to give me a wake up call plus a heads up before he reaches. However, I didn't get any of those (my phone was tragically low in battery and my sim card seems to have problems that morning) and that led to me literally jumping off the bed the moment I heard the doorbell!! I quickly slip out of my pyjamas and into my home clothes and scurried down stairs with my eyes still squinting. It was so embarrassing as Mitchell scoffed at me and was surprised that I was still sleeping when it was already 11 o'clock. But well, at least, it was a good hair day for me and my hair looked perfectly in place when I met him at the doorsteps :)

Anyhow, stupid whatever which disturbed my sleep... *mutters bad words* !@#$%^&

Till the next post then.
Love, EvelynLee *:)


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