MTV World Stage 2011 cum Snowalk i-City

Don't Cry - Park Bom

bouncing on my chair along with the catchy beat of this song :)

I went shopping with the family on Friday night at The Gardens and mummy bought some stuff. Credits to MasterCard who gave away tickets to Snowalk i-City as well as to the MTV World Stage 2011. I was astonished when mummy passed the tickets to me. Never once I thought I would get the tickets to such a thing.
I personally was not really into things like this but since I have free tickets and manage to convince this great company to come with me, plus, out of curiosity, off i went!
i-City is rather easy to get to actually, with the help of the map at the back of the tickets. Went there using the Federal Highway and manage to get there with much ease. The big billboards they set up to lead to the parking spots were rather confusing though. Fortunately, there were 3 parking lots to choose from and we missed the first two that passed us :D so silly.
Reached there about 4 ish and the crowd was already building up despite the raging heat in the afternoon. Looking at those excited faces of the youngsters there, contrarily, my excitement was slowly dampened. Clearly, I am not such a big fan of crazy crowds.

The entire place was an utter turn off. With people pushing around trying to get closer to the stage and have a better look at the artists, with people puffing on cigarettes, which was obviously prohibited. What was worse was due to my height, all I breathe in was air exhaled by tall people, fanning myself only led to fanning hot and stale air to myself. It made me rather pissy and annoyed. It made me a bitch. So, I dragged my partners from the crowd close to the screen and the stage, back to where the air was more flowing and less crowd after the first band performed by Pop Shuvit, a local band. I would rather see everything from a screen, hear it live from afar, than seeing it in close distance, hear the echo of the beats pump in my heart and vibrate my shorts while suffocating myself to death.
Outside food and drinks were not allowed in the concert area. They just had to snatch everything away from me including the soya milk included in the gift bag from MasterCard. I felt like biting that Tomboy's head off lor seriously!! And the food and beverage prices sold in there are seriously sky high. Its called day-light robbery, or approved robbery in public! Ish so angry >:(
Plus, they sold the MTV shirts as well for RM49 per piece. While the booth beside it was selling the so called official merchandise of 30 Seconds to Mars; CD(RM40), t-shirts and tank tops (RM90/piece). The price was such a turn off, some more the person in charge was complaining about how they won't want to employ female salesgirl because they not aggressive enough. So sexist! *bitch slaps*

Anyways, Pop Shuvit really stood out and got the crowd working and jumping. A great start to the event. Even though the sun was still up and heating up the ground, they managed to heat up the crowd as well! Great work. And the Project EAR was awesome as well. They managed to hit way beyond my expectations of a local band and I was rather proud of their performance of that night.
Beast/B2st was rather okay. Since I wasn't a fan of 'em, I didn't really notice them but I guess they were okay. The dances was kinda quirky and awkward in a way. Not BAM enough to impress. But still, they managed to flatter all their hardcore fans. Not judging 'em.
Neon Trees was the third band to perform. Well, I can confidently tell you, drummers are those whom I find most attractive in a band. And Neon Trees caught me off guard with a female drummer! Wow. She totally rocked that drum set in such a controlled manner despite the crazy crowd out there and her crazy band mates while having fun in her bright red outfit! Sizzling fo' shiz. Plus, the lead singer I have no idea what his name was did a great job introducing each song he and the band was going to perform. Nice job. Overall, though I have no idea what the 4 out of 5 songs they performed, they were good. Almost like what you can hear in studio records. Animals, the only song I know, was performed well too! I like :)
30 Seconds to Mars was actually the highlight of this event, at least, to me. Yet, I was too tired of the thing going on plus, to avoid the crazy traffic after the concert ends, my partner and I decided to leave after Neon Trees

We checked out Snowalk using the tickets I got free as well. I checked online and found out its -5 degrees Celsius indoor. Yet, probably it was because I came from a very stuffy outdoor so putting on the winter jacket loaned from the place was more than sufficient. In fact, I can feel my body heat radiating from the inside of the jacket. Did not button up or zip my jacket for fear that i might die of heat. My nose mouth area was pretty numb though, not to mention my fingers too! :)
Played the two slide like games, one of which was on the snow and the other was on ice. Wasn't quite fun. The snow one was pretty giddy and the ice one was really causing pain in the ass :D
As expected, there were nothing in Snowalk but just a huge ass freezer with some ice carving and we were in it. Meh...


I-City is ridiculous actually. So lame with all the fake maple trees decorated with lights. They should make use of the space for better stuff like to build houses or whatever crap but this!! Hmm... Still, its a pretty good place for concerts lah, and to take pictures wtf. I do wonder who will go to this place in purpose for a day trip or anything. I wouldn't go back there I swear. Unless something comes up and the venue is there -.-

not focused :x

See CK stoning in the background. He damn stone the whole time. So funny lah :D

That's all for now. But before that, check out my polaroid photo captured by MasterCard :)
Could've gotten two shots but didn't know once I get in the concert area cannot go out :'(
And i was thinking of taking another one with my partner or just let him be in the spotlight :)

Oh well, the mango joke :P

Love, peining *:)


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