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Between The Lines - Sara Bereilles

Today was the MTV World Stage 2011 at i-city, Shah Alam. Woke up at 10am then headed out to the nearest Kayu Nasi Kandar for roti canai! Have to hard core right now since I'll be leaving the country so soon and no more roti canai for me for at least two years. Skipped lunch and dinner. Yao Zhar Guai for supper. I am superb.
Oh well, there were limited food choices at the concert area and they just had to snatch away the soya bean drink that comes along with the goodie bags by Mastercard. How evil!! Anyways, this is just a short preview before I actually post more about that event. It is kind of boring though as the performance line up was pretty sucky. Plus, i-city is bullshit. That creator of this damned place should probably sell umbrellas beside a street for the rest of his life.
I am tired though. So shall sleep after this. Overall, great night, great company, great experience (in a way), met some interesting people, great time spent. Am satisfied and happy.

a well-spent day shall lead to good dreams at night

Till the next post comes,
love, leepeining


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