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Together - Ruben Studdard

It has been ages since I first and last went to Sabah. Counting back the years, it was in 2004 when I was in Standard Six. Still a very young girl indeed. Yet, the memories remained vivid in my mind. Those, so good that I miss that place too much and yearn to return to that place one day. Dream came true, am satisfied :)

Though it wasn't as lavish as it used to be, president suite and sumptuous buffet breakfast, some sweet things remained and time spent with some lovely company made the journey all nostalgic and memorable. Credits to Promenade Hotel and my dad's boss, we got to stay at Marina Court Resort Condominium and dine in at the Promenade Club Floor lounge on the 11th floor. Although the breakfast there do not have as much variety as the buffet breakfast in the lobby, the sunset cocktail is definitely something to savor. Munching on some sweet tooth lover's favorite cakes and cookies while watching the captivating sunset is definitely the apex of bliss and gratification. Did I mention how sunset is always different in Sabah and the view from the balcony at the 11th floor is just perfect without any skyscrapers blocking the entire view including the beautiful reflection of the sunset from the surface of the sea? The colors formed in the sky on the cotton-like clouds are simply perplexingly amusing, just like cotton candies hanging as display in the sky, waiting to be taken down and eaten :)

Another thing I love so much about Sabah is the beautiful beaches. The fine sand that I can never get enough of. I simply indulge myself in the walk on the beach while sea breeze sweeps my hair back and forth gently, feeling my feet sink into the sand where it quickly fill in and over my feet to cover my toes every step i take. How much i sadistically love to cover the holes back home dug by little crabs too! I love the beach and i think i truly belong there :) not to mention how tan I became after just a few hours walking on the beach under the hot sun in the middle of the day :P

Spot the dirt spots on the pictures! Forgotten to clean the lens before taking pictures! What a joke :D

See how beautiful the silhouette was. Original photo taken using my phone without any photoshop :)

Hung around the beach at Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai till about 4pm before leaving the place back to the hotel to catch the sunset cocktail. Life's been pretty much carefree in Sabah :)

Something that no one can miss on a trip to Sabah - seafood. They are fresh! Duh...
Plus, on this trip, I discovered one new seafood dish - dong fung lo. Some clam species. It was so delicious :)
Not much comment on the seafood though since not an expert. But all i can say is that seafood is a must when going to Sabah.

To be continued...

Goodnight for now! Its late.

Love, eve


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