to the east ii *:)

Hey Juliet - LMNT

Trip up to the foot of Mount Kinabalu was torturing. Same goes to the trip back down. Thanks to my over-exaggerating motion sickness. It is terrible. Totally spoiled my appetite.
I've made a list of what is puke-inducing:
- curvy and bumpy roads
- smell of car
- getting up and down of the car
- eating something before, after or during the curvy road trip
- stuffy and hot environment during curvy road trip

Anyways, check out one of the points in Mt. Kinabalu. I see my name in there XD


Went to two of the beautiful much resorts on the last day in Sabah; Sutera Harbour and Tanjung Aru Shangri-la Hotel.

Sutera Harbour.


Lying down on the rattan bench under the shady tree in the afternoon, feeling the constant sea breeze accompanied by the occasional exposure of sunlight through the small gaps of the thick green leaves that shines gently at my eye. Such bliss, island getaway. The mesmerizing sea view with the beautiful solitary islands from afar, some little sail boats and small cruise floating on the clear water. The sound of the waves, splattering against the sandy beaches was incredibly hypnotizing as they collapse and retreat from the shore. Oh how the leaves of the coconut tree tango with the rhythm of the wind. No worries, no stress, just bliss and haven of relaxation. This is heaven, the perfect retreat from all the complicated daily emotions. This is my definition of heaven.


 Also, I brought my favorite stuffed toy along. The name's HaiBoBo. Weird name but according to my parents, it was on the box that came with it and they assume it is the name of the toy. Hmm... It may look all weird, old and almost torn, but hey! What you expect out of a 90s stuffed toy? Plus, I hug it to sleep almost every night for the past 18 years and this is only the first time I have brought it outstation. Never once I did even going back to my grandparents' hometown. I just did this time out of pure boredom and because my bag was rather empty and I wasn't too comfortable with that idea so I had to find something to make it more packed :P

That's all for Sabah :)
Hope to go back the next time and hopefully, I'll climb the Mt. Kinabalu! Will definitely train hard and make that another dream come true *:)

Love, eve


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