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Cinta - Misha Omar & Jacklyn Victor

Today, I decided to be a good girl. I cleaned the shelf, i did some house chores, i practiced the piano and i did some calligraphy :)
I admit that I am not the best when it comes to calligraphy, not even close to good, but hey, I think I'm better than quite some number of people eh? At least, when i was back in primary and high school altogether. I remember during a Chinese paper back in Form One, one dude actually called me and asked if i came from China or something because my calligraphy, he claimed, is so nice. I scoffed at that idea, thinking how absurd he is to have thought of such a thing. Mainly because my calligraphy ain't exactly that nice and i don't look like i'm part of PRC.
Anyways, here's some of the outcomes out of today's practice, just thought I would post up some so that I can look back in the future and laugh about how ugly my calligraphy writing and how unskilful i am now :) (i am dead serious about how i'm not talented at calligraphy yet people thinks i'm so good. i've seen better, not being humble)
Could've been better for some, but some are because I'm running out of ink and i didn't want to add so just wrote with a dried up brush. And some because i am just too tired and couldn't be bothered. Anyways, I haven't picked up a brush since Form Five when I went for the state competition at Sunway University College. Words are not in order though, if you understand those words, you'll figure out exactly what i am trying to write :)

For those who went to the same Chinese class as I did, hope my writing hasn't gone bad or something.
Cheers!! *:)



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