Just now.. after my japanese class, my parents brought me to Swensen for ice-cream..

It was 'cool' with the long wait and the air-conditional blowing straight to me... Well, life's like that. By the way, guess who i saw there. Its Wei Kein! But he was so cold to me, i mean he never smile at me. =.= Maybe that's him during work..

I was still waiting then i saw Tian Xiong walking past me with his parents and brother. Cool eh? I see two people in that shop. HAHAHA...

Finally the ice-cream was here. It was so cool until i forgotten to take pictures of the Giant Earthquake ( that's what they call ). By the way, it melts moment after it arrived, about five minutes i think? It was nice especially the thin mint because i've never eaten that for so many years.

So, that's all for this post. Oh ya, i want to wish Jun Xing happy birhtday.

Bye bye.


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