Waiting to be discovered

You were always there when i need you
You made me feel complete when you're with me
You made me feel secure when you hold me
You made me a girl when you surprise me with gifts
You melt my heart when you kiss me
Where are you now?

What you see when you first open your eyes in the morning?
Do you feel what i feel?
You throw your hands up in the air
Hoping to grab something you have lost all these years
Feeling sorry for all you have done

Are all these real?
Or is it just some illusion
Making you nervously arouse?
Maybe you thought of blaming others
To escape from your mistakes
Deep in your heart
You knew the naked truth
Waiting to be explored

Why are you so cruel?
Why are you so cold hearted?
Have you ever think of me?
Do something for me?
Or at least care for me?

You knew from the starting
I am the only person who care for you
Be there for you
But why do you ignore me?
You make me feel like some shadows
Hidden from the world we living
Waiting to be discovered
Knowing the day will never come

I was left here
In this miserable place
I am still here
Waiting to be discovered
I am waiting...


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