Pavilion>> Doughnuts!!!

Today i went to Pavilion for the first time...OMG!! Its was so posh!!! Everything there was so expensive!! All the branded stuff ... ish... like i have that much money to buy the stuff there..And yea, i found a weakness about that shopping mall : Its so hot over there, almost like sauna..

After walking on my high heals for about two and a half hour, my sister and i went to line up to buy doughnuts. You can't believe it until you see it.. The line was so long and it took us half an hour just to buy 12 doughnuts and my parents and my grandfather were at starbucks enjoying thenselves... =.="

After we bought the doughnuts, we went to starbucks to join them and they were eating muffins and drinking coffee!! Man!! I was starving at that moment!! I just couldn't wait to eat the doughnuts then my mum said, "If you are hungry, you can eat the doughnuts.." I was jumping
with joy!! I grabbed one doughnut and eat it.. It was so delicious that i couldn't care less about my image.. My sister also cannot resist the dougnuts.. Only my dad was like " What's so special about these dougnuts.." After that, we walked for a while then my mum said the fitting room there were very big and nice. We went to one of them and see.. WOW!! I couldn't believe my eyes!! There are sofa's in there too!! Like how many fitting rooms have you seen have sofa's in them?

We went to Star Hill after Pavilion and went straight into Louis Vuiton ( LV ) shop. The bags there were too, so expensive and it is so much more expensive than those in Pavilion. After we walked for a while in Star Hill we went back into Pavilion. '-'

I really need a leg massage now after a long day walk on a high heals... blueks. Shouldn't have wore that.. xD


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