Happy Deepavali...

I want to wish Happy Deepavali to all.. Today i read the newspaper and saw a lot of good phrases and i don't know why but i actually took my precious time to copy all that i can see...

Just hope you will spend time reading because i think they are quite meaningful...
  1. Lighting the way - Star
  2. Let's bask in the light of those who have made it possible for us to progress this far -TMnet
  3. From within them the lamp of wisdom will come alight and dispel darkness from their lives - Petronas
  4. The greatest light of all time is not the light that surrounds us, but its the light within us - UEM
  5. Let the lights of Deepavali bring more into your life. Let it shower you with wealth. Let it bring good health. Let it brighten your lives with joy. Let it fill you and your loved ones with goodness - AmBank Group
  6. The lamps are many, the light is one. As we embrace the joy of Deepavali, we are oncew again reminded that we each carry a spark from the one light that unites us - Astro
  7. Deepavali, the festival of lights, is a triumphant celebration of light over darkness. Lets celebrate this moment of victory with hope and the promise of new beginnings for every Malaysians - Carlsberg
  8. Love is sometimes unspoken. This season of light, let us nourish the special ties we share with family and friends - Nestle
  9. There comes a time when one stops searching for the light, but instead becomes the glow that others follow. Let us remind ourselves that great achievements are possible when the light from within leads the way - Sime Darby
  10. Love always brings you home - Proton
  11. Shine your inner light with empathy and sincerity - Perodua


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