Tanjung Sepat..

The trip to Tanjung Sepat was basically quite boring with the plantations and things like that but what makes it interesting is the seafood lunch and the dragon fruit plantation... and the kerepek thing...hehehe...*evil*

I waited for so long just to eat the seafood lunch its because:-
  1. I was hungry... my stomach was making noises even though its just 9.00 in the morning... ( i looked at the time)
  2. Its been a long time since i last ate seafood... ( i did but not seafood as the main dish)
  3. The journey makes me dizzy... i don't feel well on the bus... and i walk like a drunken hero when i'm on land...

The dragon fruit plantation!!! Yea... First was the toilet... although i'm did not even step into it, but i can smell from far... okay... maybe i shouldn't talk about the toilet... By the was, i bought three dragon fruits back home... when i cut and eat it... oh my god, i couldn't believe it, it was so sweet!!! Its not that i never ate one that sweet but i just couldn't trust those people selling dragon fruits there... so i was wondering whether should i buy and try...

And then to the kerepek. I know i am bad because i actually tried the samples (i took quite a lot) but i just can't help it... anyway, i bought from them every new year mah... so.... hehehe...Horny look?
So boring in the longan place but the longan was sweet...In the bus... so peaceful then...Chiau Hui came in to join us with the camwhore and Xinwei got frighten..


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